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Sustainable health: a dynamic way to BE!

Your life force energy and vigor is what gives you a dynamic life. This force in essence is YOU!

You are a whole person - your whole system works together there is no dividing yourself up and treating different parts if you want to enjoy true health and be fully YOU!

Your system includes your bodies electricity, your mineral system balance, your voltage, dynamism, if you’re happy in your soul and how you carry your body in this world.

Minerals are a huge part of your voltage system and how you increase your voltage -then the power comes on and everything begins to work. Your body, mind, emotions - all of what makes you YOU. No more trying to find yourself or your purpose or go down 8000 different rabbit holes trying to slap a bunch of health hacks on for size that never stick.

When you get your SPARK back, you get YOU back as long as you keep that spark ignited and sustained. This is how you tune into YOUR power.

You see, being truly healthy is not just the absence of...

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How to receive natural magnetic energy


You can create a lifestyle conducive to your health or hack your health in the lifestyle that led you to decline. You decide.

Many years ago I read about about grounding. You know how you read about all the things that are good for your health, but then don’t end up habituating them right away.

Sometimes it’s just about planting the seed within you so you can embody it in your own way and timing.

Fortunately, my adrenal burnout led me to recreate my entire lifestyle. I ended up living in the woods near a creek trail in my first home post-divorce. I grew to love those woods as I believe it was their magic that nursed me back to health and brought me back to life.

My first attempts at nature walks were feeble. I could only walk about 10-15 minutes at a time without getting out of breath. So I decided to start there. Eventually, my body grew stronger and I could walk 4-5 miles a day and sometimes even 6-7.

I remember the first time I allowed myself to go into the woods and...

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PODCAST: Open to your amazing beautiful life

In this podcast I have a wild and powerful conversation with Michale Chatham a visionary who facilitates change in others from a place of knowledge, experience and energetic calibration.

Her education and clinical background are vast; Bachelors of Science in Nursing, IBCLC, Licensed Massage Therapist and trained as an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist. 
She has 30 years experience in Oncology, gastroenterology, Industrial toxicology, Biological and Airway Dentistry. She is owner and founder of MyoWild® a concierge of consciousness and helps clients create their unimaginable lives. 


{You can also find my podcast: A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and Spotify }

Having spent the last 30 years immersed in clinical practice, she has discovered a unique frame to help clients ditch the treacherous allopathic path so they can create a turned on life. She has a unique ability to see quickly to the truth of the matter is like a laser ...making her a...

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VIDEO: How minerals are your bodies spark and energy


In the above video training I'm sharing what an HTMA can show you and how it can give you peace of mind. In this video, I share Emily's HTMA results, why she chose to get it done, her top concerns and what we focused on. Her results gave her peace of mind because it explained a lot of why she was experiencing certain symptoms.

Want more blogs and videos like this?

Jennifer shared how her decision to work with me through HTMA shocked and thrilled her.

Mallory shared how she was attracted to mineral balancing and dove right in, first for her own health, then into her own holistic health practice.

An Anxious Exhausted Momma who got FAST results with my mind body HTMA coaching program after YEARS of struggling.

Anthea learned how to own her worth through my mind body coaching partnered with HTMA.

A long term client, Julie learned how to love herself and also LOVE HTMA.

Now, I would love to hear from you... have you ever wished there was one test that could show you where your health is...
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Choose to EMBODY the you who you want to be

You get to choose to EMBODY the you who you want to be.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I could live life in full color.

Instead of living in my mind, like an old fashioned movie reel.

Black, white, shaky, fuzzy, sound quality subpar.

Instead of living as if my life was happening TO me...

I began to lean in and see that life was happening FOR me…

And eventually, realized, I can happen to my own life…

What do I mean?

I mean waking up every day, free of feeling obligated and enslaved to living the way I am supposed to according to society.

And instead, asking myself every day, the question…


And then giving that to myself…

The funny thing, was that I learned what I want is quite simple most often…

The beauty of this gift of giving to myself, is I get to live from within versus from without.

Without - meaning outside of myself, as if I have no say and have to live according to what’s expected of me as perceived by...

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You get to choose how you show up in your life

*Note: Listen to the full episode on the podcast here.

An empowered women doesn't shy away from life! She shows up fully and completely for all that life has to offer, and trusts her ability to take charge in any situation.

In this podcast episode I'm discussing the importance of mastering the way you present yourself to the world. The truth is that having a healthy ego is really important. Having a strong idea of who you are as an individual is essential to your ability to be authentic, to set goals, and to live your life the way that is right for you. It's a reminder of your ability to choose how to show up in your life.

As well as to stay in your own lane, to be aware of what YOU are doing. So that this energy brings you in touch with your most powerful autonomy.

This episode could be the kick in the pants you need to remind you that you can do hard things. Instead of avoiding difficulty, you can allow yourself to face challenges head-on. Be willing to start sorting through your...

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How to live through one of the craziest times ever

Staying at home this past 6 weeks or so has proven to be quite a test to many of you. It's one of the craziest times ever for most of you. And there is no playbook, no survival guide. That said, I have some thoughts to help support you through this bizarre time.

In the beginning of quarantine, you may have worried too much about the potential health hazards. Perhaps you still are, but this over-worrying has made it impossible for you to actually experience and enjoy your life. Yes, even during a pandemic it's okay to still experience joy and all that life as to offer.

Perhaps you've held on to the worry as a protection. So you don't get careless. You are afraid to let go of the worry because you might expose yourself and get sick. While this could be true, it's still possible to LIVE today.

Life is for living, not preoccupying yourself with what MIGHT happen should you go outside. You need to get outside, strengthen your muscles both physically and mentally. Doing so will create a...

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How to spark your enthusiasm for life

You're in your head too much, stressing, not sleeping. You feel like 100 tabs are open in your brain at all times. Perhaps you've become addicted to stress.

Your mind won't quit, you feel incredibly anxious and irritable, your body starts to revolt and then you begin to question your own sanity. Have I gone mad? Am I entirely losing my mind?

You literally feel guilty when you aren't on top of everything but yet you find yourself paralyzed in your chair not able to mobilize. All the while feeling guilt and shame because you are not being productive enough. But what you don't know, is your body is wise to park your ass for awhile.

You see, you can't run on fumes my friend. You can't run on an empty battery, you aren't the energizer bunny. You have to recharge your batteries. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

You as a grown ass woman still need to rest but also PLAY.

You wonder why you've lost your sense of fun and stopped creating your art, stopped making your music or stopped writing your novel?


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When you have energy, being yourself comes naturally.

*Listen to the podcast episode here.

When you have energy, being yourself comes naturally. You don't have to try.  When you choose to be yourself, energy comes naturally.

What is possible for you in your life and health when you know how well your body is intended to function? I've been hearing a lot from women who are wanting more for themselves but can't quite figure out what that is.

In this podcast episode, I'm making connections for you as to what is possible when your body has robust energy production and reserves.

One of the first things I learned when I first got started with mineral balancing and HTMA was through Dr. Eck. One of the, 'founding fathers' of mineral balancing and HTMA. It was his amazing stories that inspired me.

We can ALL be spontaneous and fun to be with. We can ALL have great human relations. And we can ALL have ecstatic and fulfilling sexual lives. But first, let's get fear out of our lives. And let's do it by increasing our energy levels so that we ...

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Praise & Testimonial: She was shocked and thrilled


Over the years I've worked with a lot of women to help unravel their health concerns, but I've also supported over 200 holistic health practitioners in teaching them how to get started with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) in their holistic health practices. 

Today I want to share an example with you of a woman who I worked with on both fronts; her personal health as a client and a student inside my Holistic Mineral Balancing program (no longer available: now it's called 'The HTMA Practitioner Jumpstart').

Below is just a summary of our conversation, to hear the whole conversation and not miss a single beat, click the video player above to watch/listen. The video is only about 25 minutes long.

Meet My Client (& Student), Jennifer

Jennifer and I connected at a I met over dinner during a weekend workshop for the Nutritional Therapy Association program. She had never heard of hair tissue mineral analysis before and was really intrigued. She looked into and realized she...

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