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Get more in flow with castor oil packs

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Considering that many woman come to me with issues relating to their cycle or digestion (bloating-feeling sluggish and even moody) I tend to have a few go-to’s that I rely on.

By using castor oil packs, the flow of lymph is increased throughout the body. This helps to speed the removal of toxins surrounding the cells and to reduce the size of swollen lymph nodes
If you feel any kind of internal stagnation : it’s time to support your lymph. So often we want to go straight DETOX but we skip the lymph -we live in a sitting society that no longer moves in the ways we once would if we were more connected to nature

Listen to episode #120 : Get more in flow with castor oil packs - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

In this episode I share why castor oil and how to do the packs: who can benefit from them and so much more! Be prepared to learn and then take action! 


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Stop using toxic products, you deserve better!

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Listen to Episode #110: Stop using toxic products, you deserve better: Find: A Joy To Be Me; On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

I live in a body that feels like it’s being assaulted when encountering toxins.

Particularly those with toxic scents.

When I enter any new enclosed space my radar is always up.

Will there be toxic air fresheners?
Will the bedding be covered in toxic fragrance?
Will the trash be lined with ‘scented’ bags?
Will there be perfume scented candles burning or incense?
Will the floor have been mopped with chemicals?
Will there be natural soaps available to use or scented toxic ones? 
Will the dishwasher have used non toxic detergent so there are no chemicals on the dishes I use to eat or drink from?
Will there be cat dander or litter and if so, how long will I have to be in a closed space with those things -will they affect me? Can I open the windows or will it be warm enough...

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Celebrating 2 years of podcasting + Digging into glutathione

I am Celebrating 2 years of podcasting on this heart opening day of honoring LOVE. 

If you haven’t listened to my first episode -go back and do so, it’s just under 20 minutes: Get your spark back!

I introduced my story and why I started this podcast for you! I share how I got my spark back after many years of deep burnout and why I’m SO passionate about pleasure!

That shared, in episode 104, I talk about an important piece in helping us all get our vitality -therefore spark, back or ignited.

Listen to Episode #104: Celebrating 2 Years ! + Digging Into Glutathione: Find: A Joy To Be Me; On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

Whenever I see patterns emerging in my conversations and my client work or research, I take note. One topic that has been coming up recently is; supporting the body to increase energy and detox better. A big piece is through glutathione production in the body so everything functions better.

We all need help detoxing today but how...

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Milk Thistle: A Must Have for your Holistic Medicine Cabinet

Over the past year, I’ve been upping my preparedness game to have a good store of ‘medicines’, along with foods, to support my family's health. I may talk about preparedness in an upcoming episode if y’all are interested do let me know.

In this episode, I talk about ONE of my faves for your family’s holistic medicine cabinet; Milk Thistle. 

Listen to episode # 94 : Milk Thistle - A Must Have for your holistic medicine cabinet : Find  A Joy To Be Me on; iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

Herbalists and physicians alike used the milk thistle for hundreds of years to treat a wide range of liver pathology, including fatty liver disease, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and to protect the liver from environmental toxins. In this episode I dive into what it can do to support the body and how it can be used. .

Here is one great study I found - if you want to do more of your own research: 


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PODCAST: NSAIDs deplete glutathione (+what's up with NAC?)

In this episode, I'm dishing out some important deeper health connections in light of the epidemic of NSAID use in this country. Folks, we have an inflammation problem but not a figuring out why solution (for the most part).

Listen to Episode #66: NSAIDs deplete glutathione (+what's up with NAC) : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

The problem is it sets us up for deeper trouble. Ibuprofen depletes glutathione - glutathione is present in every cell in the body, it is a key regulator of the immune system. It's especially important for liver function and for detoxification.

Low glutathione levels are associated with over 74 DIS - EASES. It's been widely studied and we've found that almost 80% of people with chronic ailments were found to be deficiency in glutathione.

I also shared about how NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine) is a precursor to glutathione and it's recently been pulled out of circulation for purchase. 

Hopefully you will have a big...

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The sluggish bile connection to slow metabolism

Bile acts like Pac-Man in the liver and intestines where it gobbles up fats, heavy metals, pesticides, unwanted bacteria, and numerous other chemicals that can cause problems in the digestive tract.

Bile is a digestive fluid created by your liver and stored in your gallbladder. Bile is important in digestion and absorption of fat in the small intestine.

If your body has sludgy bile your mood will suffer. You can even become constipated and anxious!

Bitter foods, like my current obsession, radicchio; help you digest your food. This is important because if you don't digest well you don't benefit from the good real food you just ate.

BITTER stimulates your liver to produce BILE.

Bile helps your body break down the healthy fats you eat so you can readily absorb them as well as your fat soluble vitamins.

I love to pair bitter foods with meals that I know have a fair amount of fat, like my chicken salad that has quite a bit of mayo AND some additional olive oil.

Bile secreted by your...

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How To Love Your Liver Every Day

Alright ladies... listen up, detoxification is a critical part of YOU being able to stay healthy, have good moods and energy. Unfortunately we live in a world bombarded by toxins at every turn, this is why we all could use some daily detoxification strategies. That's what I'm here to share with you today. You really can't heal your body and increase your energy if you are not detoxing well. In order to succeed with overall health  your lymph and liver need our daily attention.

Let's get educated, shall we?

The amounts of chemicals we are exposed to are unprecedented in history. The average American consumes 10 pounds of chemical food additives each year. Add to that the chemical burden caused by food sprayed with pesticides and from air and water pollution, you can see that our chemical burden is considerable.

Your body has systems designed to eliminate waste and to detoxify poisons. Your liver chemically converts toxins to be easily eliminated by your kidneys. Detoxification is...

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