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PODCAST: Prevention is the best medicine

In this episode, I revisted a post from March of 2020 sharing my prevention plan in light of the 'Rona'. I talk about how to start creating a preventative lifestyle and why it's important to do so instead of 'waiting around' in fear of whatever is lurking out there.

Listen to Episode #74: Prevention is the best medicine : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

As we head into the fall, it's important to stay positive and focused on nourishing our whole selves. And for more than 'just in case we might get sick'. 

You can read the full blog post HERE and get the specific details as well as all the links I shared for your reference. 

I also referred to a few other blog posts and podcasts I've written since then as well - you can check those out below: 

- How to Protect Your Health with Vitamin A 
- What you need to know before you supplement with zinc 
- My Electrolyte Recipe 
- How to use vitamin C to protect your health 

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How To Absolutely Protect Your Health This Spring

Heading into this spring of 2020, there is a lot going on in the world that may cause a bit of concern as to how to protect your health.

As a mom of four boys and a nutritional therapist, health educator I've spent the past several weeks beefing up our normal health regime. I am taking personal responsibility to do everything I can to make sure my body is healthy. It's no one else's job other than my own.

Now more than ever is a great time to create a lifestyle that deeply supports your health. In this post I am going to share some of my top insights so you can be proactive instead of reactive.  No fear, just facts so you can make responsible calm decisions to support your health.

Personally, I have a long term health history of respiratory/sinus health issues, as well as am a recovered asthmatic and recovering from long term mold exposure. I still can struggle with being able to breathe at full capacity. So, in light  of the spring allergy season and the corona virus, both...

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