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The Hidden Risks: Carnivore Diets and the Truth about Copper, Iron, and Aluminum Cookware

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In this episode, I explore two topics that have been circulating in the health arena: the carnivore diet and the use of copper, iron, and aluminum cookware. While these trends may seem enticing, it is crucial to understand the potential risks and consider alternative options.

The Carnivore Diet and Potassium Deficiency

The carnivore diet, which emphasizes meat consumption, has gained popularity recently. However, it overlooks a critical...

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PODCAST: Understanding & supporting the luteal phase of your cycle

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In this episode I chat about our luteal phase  - and some of the nuance around it for women in relationship to nutrition, lifestyle and more. When you are able to decode your own physiology, you’re able to help your body heal and use that body to create the life you desire.

Listen to episode # 140 : Understanding & supporting the luteal phase of your cycle - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

Ladies, and the men that love the ladies, let’s talk about your LUTEAL PHASE today

I got some good feedback from folks about my episode on minerals and ovulation so I’m back to dig into another phase of our cycle and it just so happens to be the cycle I’m currently hanging out in and wanted to share some insight specifically about this phase with you today.

As a quick reminder
The four phases of a women’s infradian rhythm (aka: monthly cycle) are:...

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PODCAST: Minerals that impact ovulation

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In this episode I chat about ovulation  - and some of the nuance around it for women in relationship to two key minerals. These minerals are imbalanced to some degree in everyone today. 

Listen to episode #138 : Minerals that impact ovulation - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

Okay ladies (and guys this is important to know about your lady) I’ve gotta be honest with you - I’m a little surprised how many women do not know the phases of their cycle. Let’s change this please cause you need to know -it affects you every month in 4 different phases and tuning into your hormones helps you know how to take really good care of yourselves.

The four phases are: menstruation, follicular, ovulation and luteal
Your hormones are completely different in each of these 4 phases.

I happen to currently be in my ovulation phase and wanted to share some insight...

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PODCAST: Calcium supplements, are they harmful?

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People tend to think I’m against calcium, I’m not. 

What I am against  is what stands in direct attack of what I am for. 
Which is misinformation that leads to dysfunction, disorder or discomfort or "dis ease".

A reader on an Instagram post of mine asked ;  

“We always hear from holistic therapists that calcium supplements are considered harmful. So are mineral supplements (because of Ca in them) considered harmful as well?”

Listen to episode # 127: Are calcium supplements harmful? - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

First, let me say why I tend to warn about calcium being a problem. We are living in a calcified world. 
Magnesium controls electrical cell-to-cell communication allowing the correct amount of calcium to enter a cell to create cell contraction. 

This may be one of the hardest tasks for magnesium because the level...

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PODCAST: Are your minerals getting inside your cells?

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I’ve been really pimping out my electrolyte recipe lately and when people finally start using it they tend to like how it gives them a bit of a boost/lift. 
The fluid and electrolyte system, itself, in the body is dynamic and very difficult to measure. But we do know it depends on access to minerals dissolved in water and proper cellular absorption of those minerals making them bioavailable. 

Listen to episode #126 : Are your minerals getting inside your cells? - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

One of the most important functions of electrolytes is to enhance cellular hydration. To most people, hydration just means there is enough water in the body but the real key is to get the water into the cells and make it stay there to perform its biological functions. 

Most people tell me: “I didn’t know I needed anything other than water to be hydrated...

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PODCAST: Expand your joy (with minerals)

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Expand your joy so deep. That it doesn’t matter what others do or don’t do.
You still have an overflow. You still have waters of bliss to bathe in at any given moment.

In this episode, I remind us all of the core message of this podcast: A JOY TO BE YOURSELF.

Listen to episode #122 : Expand your joy (with minerals) - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

I share an adventure I had and some past podcasts on joy as well as how to ENJOY your life and be yourself more fully with a key mineral pair in balance (and what it means).

If you haven't yet checked out this past posts, check them out too:

- How to Create a life full of ultimate pleasure
- Lack of Joy? How to revive your passion 

Like I always say; minerals run the show!


Check out my online dispensary, nutrition & coaching services! Plus my two courses; Remineralize & The HTMA Practitioner Jumpstart...

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PODCAST: Magnesium, hormones & Motherhood (+a heartfelt client story)

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In this episode I'm chatting about a few things you won't wanna miss. I share a mama bear cry and call to rise up and create health ( the future form of currency we all need to prioritize). 

You cannot give beyond what you yourself have to give : boundaries are essential and the not so sexy self care is non-negotiable. 

Listen to episode #120: Magnesium, hormones & Motherhood { +a heartfelt client story } - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

I also share, yet again, on magnesium with a call to action and a past episode you gotta check out. And a client wrote in her heartfelt gratitude and in this episode I'm sharing her story as well. 

Despite the fact that magnesium is almost as important for life as the air we breathe I still meet people daily who have no clue of it’s benefits and not only that they are living a magnesium burning way of life (sympathetic...

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PODCAST: Assessing Magnesium Deficiency

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In this episode, I'm going back to one of the fundamentals of mineral balancing for overall health and covering MAGNESIUM.

Listen to episode #113 : Assessing Magnesium Deficiency - Find: A Joy To Be Me - ON: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

I've talked about it many times on the podcast in the past but I'm always having the same conversation over and over with new people coming in. So I figured it was time to revisit an approach to magnesium, so more people can be more thorough in their approach with a better comprehension. PLUS, I share a 31 question assessment to help you gauge where you are at on the magnesium deficiency scale. Be ready to jot your answers down. 

I also shared how to approach getting adequate magnesium with a LOT of caveats -you are gonna want to tune and hear.

If you liked this episode, here are more you may also enjoy:

- How to destress with the most magical mineral 
- How to get...

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VIDEO: Minerals Protect Us From EMFs


I wanted to share a couple of cool things with you real quick

First a quick win story from a single mom of two little girls. She had been having a lot of difficulty at bedtime getting the girls to settle down to go to bed, stay in bed and fall asleep. It was beginning to take its toll. I suggested she try putting the ReMag balm on their feet before bed. She finally got back to tell me: it worked like a charm. The girls are going to bed peacefully now.

Before they would do the whole drag bedtime thing out, and this poor single momma was getting quite frazzled because that was her own decompress time. If you haven’t tried out the ReMag Balm yet, you can grab some
HERE. Use code: LydiaShatney on your first order to save 10%

Another benefit of magnesium in light of a pending topic I’ll be discussing with my friend Brian Hoyer, an EMF expert, on the podcast this week : is EMF protection.

Something to note that no one seems to be talking about while working on EMF protection...

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What you need to know when taking magnesium makes you feel worse

Magnesium the miracle mineral could only possible have good intentions and affects, right? While magnesium is an imperative mineral good for human health, sometimes the body is not quite ready to receive it in the way we give it. 

Listen to episode #98: When Magnesium makes you worse (IMPORTANT MESSAGE) : Find on: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

In this episode, I dig into what you need to consider if you've tried magnesium and it made you feel worse instead of better. Trust me, you're gonna love this episode. Buckle up because this episode is fueled by my firey side (and lots of LOVE)!

So many people come to the mineral banquet and just assume they can dive right in to their hearts content (metaphorically speaking), yet often times there is a lot going on in their system that could make it not go down so smoothly. 

I start the episode with a REFRAME we all need to hear whether we are dealing with magnesium backfiring or not. 

I also referenced plenty...

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