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PODCAST: Let's Ditch the Diet Dogma

I’m so tired, aren’t you of over analyzing what foods humans should or shouldn’t eat and people talking about this diet or that diet for this dis-ease state/ label or that. 

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There is no single diet created by a human that will ever work long term for anyone or anything. I don’t even care how much ‘scientific literature’ there is behind a given diet- there is no scientific literature out there that has the ability to observe all human over the span of a lifetime.

If you want to live your life according to a paper or diet someone else wrote based on their research -be my guest. I’m over it.

What I can say is, quality matters and to the degree it is possible I encourage sourcing quality outside of the slave system that has been created to mass produce cheaply for a profit with zero intention of benefiting the consumer’s health.

I can’t in good conscious recommend you eat a ‘food like’ substance that has been manufactured as a food and it’s not really something that is in anyway beneficial to human health and only detrimental -like man made processed items. 

Unfortunately you and I have been alive in a time where we have lost touch with our roots in so many ways and live in a manufactured world - that is fake or altered from the way humans have lived all throughout history up until the last 100 years or so. We also have marketing - marketing for manipulation to profit companies bottom line, which is not always with integrity or to the benefit of the consumer in mind.

That said, if you study ancestral health and the foods of your ancestors you will learn that humans have always had to adapt to a variety of factors - depending on the region and climate. Humans are amazingly adaptable. 

Lately I’ve had several clients ask me about dairy -saying they have been led to believe it’s a bad food for ______ (fill in the blank). While I think that modern dairy poses a lot of problems , I think that traditional dairy raised well and uncorrupted (no processing) is one of the most nutritious foods available. I would not FEAR it, I would REVERE it.

That said, everyone’s body is different and there may be some healing to do to tolerate certain factors in given foods.
The big problem is not the original source of the food but the altered version in your altered state.

I've written more about ditching the diet mentality and dogma in the past and how to create a healthy relationship with food. Check out: How to Ditch the Perfect Diet Mentality. If you are someone who wants a 'blueprint' or 'steps' while you find your footing, check out; How to create a healthy diet you enjoy. Finally, how is your relationship to food - sounds weird right? Unfortunately, the toxic food industry has skewed this for many - read; how to actually create a healthy relationship with food.

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