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PODCAST: Understanding & supporting the luteal phase of your cycle

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In this episode I chat about our luteal phase  - and some of the nuance around it for women in relationship to nutrition, lifestyle and more. When you are able to decode your own physiology, you’re able to help your body heal and use that body to create the life you desire.

Listen to episode # 140 : Understanding & supporting the luteal phase of your cycle - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

Ladies, and the men that love the ladies, let’s talk about your LUTEAL PHASE today

I got some good feedback from folks about my episode on minerals and ovulation so I’m back to dig into another phase of our cycle and it just so happens to be the cycle I’m currently hanging out in and wanted to share some insight specifically about this phase with you today.

As a quick reminder
The four phases of a women’s infradian rhythm (aka: monthly cycle) are:...

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PODCAST: Minerals that impact ovulation

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In this episode I chat about ovulation  - and some of the nuance around it for women in relationship to two key minerals. These minerals are imbalanced to some degree in everyone today. 

Listen to episode #138 : Minerals that impact ovulation - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

Okay ladies (and guys this is important to know about your lady) I’ve gotta be honest with you - I’m a little surprised how many women do not know the phases of their cycle. Let’s change this please cause you need to know -it affects you every month in 4 different phases and tuning into your hormones helps you know how to take really good care of yourselves.

The four phases are: menstruation, follicular, ovulation and luteal
Your hormones are completely different in each of these 4 phases.

I happen to currently be in my ovulation phase and wanted to share some insight...

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Fall Back: Heading into the dark days (what you need to know)

In this episode, I talk about how to approach your exposure to light as we head into the dark days of winter and set the clocks back 1 hour. 

Listen to episode #85: Fall Back - Heading into the dark days (what you need to know) : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

As humans our #1 nutrient is actually LIGHT. Natural light from the sun and working with the daily rhythm it provides, as well as the moon and it's light phases for the female hormone cycle. 

I shared some best practices AND reminded you to go back and listen to episode 28 from September 19th, 2020  with Kris Kross of emrtek all about red light therapy. It's important to have a strategy during the darker days to protect your health, reduce harm and increase your ATP production with the right approach to light. 

If you are ready to start your red light journey : get your Red light and blue blocker glasses with my code you can save 10%. 

Here's the link: ...

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PODCAST: Potassium is crucial in anyone with hypothyroidism

I'm finally getting around to getting all my past podcast episodes posted here on the blog for you. On the heels of my last episode; Let's Wake Up Your Thyroid, I'm digging in further on one of my favorite minerals. 

In this episode, I'm sharing a primer on a key macro mineral that is crucial for women in burnout (with hypothyroidism). I share a little bit about how I've seen it trending low over the past 7 years seeing thousands of mineral analysis on clients/students. Why it's important to get enough in your diet daily and how. What it does for your whole systemic function and how it causes problems when it's deficient. 

I referred back to episode 54 for more on minerals and thyroid health. As well, podcast episode 38 and 40 where I dug into vitamin D more so you can see if from a different perspective than the mainstream is currently discussing. Also, episodes 18-21 are all about copper and how it's become a big problem and how it deranges the mineral system. 


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A pledge of blind allegiance to 'vitamin' D

It's no secret I've got a big beef with how we over recommend vitamin D supplements.

To be fair, I don't like hyping up any single nutrient as a god unto itself.

It's not how nature intended for us to receive our nutrition and it loses it's full spectrum benefits and turns into a hazard in the human system. 

I shared a funny reel to show just how cult-y this whole excess vitamin D thing has gotten -watch it HERE

You can also go back and read my past posts on the blog about what treating this one nutrient as a god unto itself can do when taken in excess by itself for too long. 

Read; 'What you need to know to assess 'Vitamin D' more thoroughly' and  'How excessive vitamin D supplements can suppress thyroid function'. 

I went on to share in an Instagram TV video, a few more big picture ways to view this whole excess D taking conundrum. I promise you don't have to be REACTIVE about vitamin D in light of all the excessive talk about it this past year.

You can...

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PODCAST: Transdermal Magnesium & Endocrine Function

In this episode, I share more about how magnesium is supercritical for endocrine function. Especially how it helps prevent and decrease PMS related symptoms. I even go into how it's helpful for a good transition to menopause. I also share how magnesium helps us make DHEA. 

Listen to Episode #61: Transdermal Magnesium & Endocrine Function : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

So much gold in this episode. Please listen, share with a friend, your sister, mom, aunt, daughter or BFF! 

Also, head over to my blog post; 'How to Take a Magnesium Bath' for direction on how to take action from this episode. I share the how/why/what of magnesium chloride flakes and some of my bath recipes for you to try out as well. 

Oh and by the way, you can order the magnesium chloride flakes I talk about right HERE

Mineral balancing is so key, it helps us to avoid serious health complications when we know how to approach minerals properly....

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How To Protect Your Health with Vitamin A

In my journey to recover from burnout and remineralize my body, as well as help my clients do the same, there have been so many nutrients that have helped me get back my spark. Vitamin A has been a key player. 

I did not grow up eating very many vitamin A rich foods (most of us here in the US didn’t). As I result, I struggled with things like; immune health issues; asthma, allergies, respiratory infections, constant thick mucus, skin issues (dry skin, red bumps on my arms and legs) and gut issues galore. As an adult I ended up with serious gut dysbiosis, eczema and a constant battle with keeping my immune system stable. 

It wasn't until I learned more about the fat soluble vitamins, including vitamin A thanks to my friend introducing me to Sally Fallon’s book; Nourishing Traditions. Which then led me to change our diet to more of an ancestral diet including high quality pastured eggs, raw milk/cream and ghee. As well as adding liver to our ground meat dinners...

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How Excessive Vitamin D Supplements Can Suppress Thyroid Function

There's something I've been talking about for years that every woman in burnout should know about because it's not mainstream yet. Even though it has a huge impact on your health to the opposite of what the mainstream is suggesting. 

Did you know that excessive vitamin D supplementation can contribute to a loss of potassium and suppress thyroid function? *Read this research article demonstrating renal potassium wasting induced by vitamin D.

[I'm talking, doses of several thousand IU taken over many months to years without adequate testing or considering how the body utilizes the supplement form of D versus how it would make it's own through sun exposure on bare skin. As well as, understanding the role it plays in the mineral system, which is most people is already favoring a high tissue calcium state of biochemistry]. 

Vitamin D can actually have an antagonizing impact on thyroid function because it can increase the absorption and retention of calcium. This can drive...

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PODCAST: How to use your hormonal rhythm to your advantage

In this podcast episode, I'm talking about how to get in sync with your cycle, your infradian rhythm. A woman's 28 day cycle rhythm.

When you really know your cycle, the ebbs and flows of your hormones and how that changes your brain over the course of the month, you can work with the shifts instead of against yourself. Understanding how you ebb and flow during your cycle can become a huge source of freedom and energy for you. 

A few years back I had a cycle that woke me up in a big way. It went REALLY long and hit REALLY hard. Not only that I noticed how dramatically differently I felt in the different phases of my cycle. I had also started getting headaches that coincided with a specific time of the month. I noticed my energy starting to dip significantly during my luteal phase and after being in burnout for so long I paid attention to my body cues so I could SLOW down.

I decided to get to know my cycle more intimately and study the hormones, the cycles and even set an...

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