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PODCAST: It's all about assimilation

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In this episode talk about how you are what you digest and absorb nutrient wise - aka ASSIMILATION because that term is coming up for me holistically speaking on the heels of the sound healing retreat I’ve felt there was a lot to digest, absorb and assimilate. So let’s dig into it because it’s important and comes up in every client I work with -in fact today I just reviewed a BiomeFX with one of my favorite doctors and we talked about digestive inefficiency and how it’s a top priority in any case regardless of the differences in results.

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There are several symptoms that lead us to suspect that poor absorption or maldigestion is taking place before the first test is ever even done. These may include bloating, burping, upset stomach, diarrhea, gas, a desire to eat when...

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Talking Microbes: The impacts of low butyrate function

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As you know I believe minerals run the show of the human body, even the microbes in your gut rely on mineral balance. Minerals & Microbes are foundational elements every one of us needs to thrive. In this episode I want to hone in on one aspect of gut health that I see as a key anyone can focus on improving to also benefit their whole health. 

Listen to episode #118 : Talking Microbes -The Impacts of low butyrate function - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

When the gut microbiome is running low in its keystone species this impacts systemic functionality as well. 

For example; one function I see low on all of my clients BiomeFX stool sample results is low butyrate function. It’s one of many BUT here’s why even this one function alone in the low range can impact many things. 

What is butyrate? 

Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that provides fuel for the...

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PODCAST: Talking about food sensitivities & why elimination doesn't heal you

Navigating food intolerances/sensitivities is something I have gone through myself and it’s something I have to explore with many clients as well. There can be a lot of moving parts to this food ‘allergy’ equation. It’s not as simple as ONLY avoiding or removing because then you never uncover what led to this and what can lead you back towards freedom.

That shared, in episode #106, I share some thoughts and a reframe for you as well as some considerations to start with before going straight to eliminating foods. 

Listen to Episode #106: Talking about food sensitivities & why elimination doesn't heal you: Find: A Joy To Be Me; On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

It is important to honor our bodies where they are at when they signal a NO around a food. BUT it’s equally, if not more so, important to live in a FREE body. A body that doesn’t have to view real food as a threat. That is not a joyful way to have to live.

I’ve seen...

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PODCAST: The dark side of antibiotics

In this episode, I talk about how antibiotics have never been tested safe for the human microbiome. They are also one of the most toxic classes of drugs and doctors hand them out like candy. 

It's time to be HONEST about this excess overuse of antibiotics, so we can make educated decisions and create a better path to support our health. 

Listen to Episode #72: The Dark Side of Antibiotics : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

I'm very passionate about this after seeing hundreds of clients health harmed in the long run in part by excess use of antibiotics over the course of their lives. 

We can do better. In fact, we must. 

Antibiotics are a class of medications that can save lives (when used appropriately).  However, antibiotics are extremely overprescribed and most are quite toxic. 

They should be used as a last resort, not the first.  Very often, simple, inexpensive natural methods of healing infections work...

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Why having a healthy microbiome matters

While most of the population lives in fear and trusts the main stream narrative, I’ll just be over here benefiting from huge huge advances in technology and science in relation to the human microbiome. 

Check out this video where I unbox a BiomeFX stool analysis and share what it is and why I love it. 

To have a healthy microbiome is to have optimal health yet no one alive has perfected this yet and it’s no wonder. We are exposed to more chemicals and toxins than ever before and decreasing food diversity and quality.

If you’re one of the deep divers and you want to dig in to your microbiome to optimize your health, keep reading. 

One of the most common trends I'm seeing in my practice as I review more BiomeFX results is low levels of good bacteria. 

In ones microbiome a low diversity of good bacteria can cause more issues than high levels of pathogens

And it’s far more common. 

It’s dysbiosis in the sense that the body does not...

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8 Signs You May Have Leaky Gut

One of the keys to recovering from burnout includes healing your gut. When I say, healing your gut, I'm referring primarily to your small intestines. However, your entire GI tract and digestive system all work together, heal together and fall apart together. That shared, your GUT impacts your entire human system. No part of you works in isolation, ever.

Leaky gut is when the integrity of your small intestine lining is impaired and becomes permeable. This permeability allows the contents in your small intestines to leak into your bloodstream and cause a reaction by your body. Your body sees this leakage as a foreign invader and mounts an inflammatory response (or attack). It can be slow and subtle until it's not. That's when your symptoms may get louder and more obvious to you.

I shared 8 signs you may have leaky gut in an IGTV video (HERE). If you learn better from conversations than you do from reading, head on over and check it out. There's a lot more in the video than what I'll...

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