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PODCAST: Kidneys need minerals, not medication

In this episode, I'm talking about the health of your kidneys. Most of us take our kidneys for granted every single day. We don't really think about them until one day something goes wrong, like kidney stones for example. It's important to know in advance that the kidneys need minerals, not medication. 

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The kidneys maintain mineral and healthy fluid balance. ⁣

But you've got to give them the raw ingredients to work with ⁣so they don't struggle to do their job.⁣

✅Kidneys need hydration to be ON POINT. ⁣
True hydration is water plus minerals⁣
Dehydration concentrates calcium and other minerals in the urine.⁣
✅Water follows salt. Salt has to be ON POINT. ⁣
Real salt consumed for your daily functioning needs. ⁣
✅Magnesium has to be ON POINT. ⁣
The kidney has a vital role in magnesium homeostasis, deficiency (which is common)⁣causes them to struggle⁣
✅A potassium rich diet loaded with vegetables and some fruit is also key.⁣

If you want to holistically support your body and prevent future problems love your kidneys with water and minerals every single day ⁣

(I'm not excited about the idea of ending up on dialysis, you?)⁣

Healthy kidneys are vital to every organ system.

When I went through my nutrition training, we learned that the kidneys are ‘late to complain’. ⁣

You may not know there is a problem until 85% or more of organ function is lost.⁣

It makes sense that chronic dehydration would be a problem for the kidneys. ⁣

The element in nature associated with the kidneys is water. ⁣

The organ paired with the kidneys is the bladder, ⁣
and together both organs govern water metabolism in the body.⁣

To fulfill their primary function of excreting waste products, our kidneys require a minimum amount of water. ⁣

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), ⁣the Kidney organ-meridian system is regarded as the foundation of good health.⁣

In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are considered the source of the chi or vital energy. ⁣
The kidney is considered a water element. ⁣As the body's water gate, it regulates water metabolism and reception of qi.

The kidneys are closely related to the activity of the adrenal glands. Sodium and potassium are regulated in the kidneys through the influence of aldosterone. 

Aldosterone is an adrenocortical steroid hormone that directly influences the kidney, causing sodium reabsorption in the renal tubules. Increased stress leads to increased adrenal cortical hormones, including aldosterone. ⁣

Rising aldosterone leads to sodium reabsorption, which in turn leads to water retention and increased blood pressure, also tissue swelling and sodium sensitivity. ⁣

Should this state continue, it will finally lead to a depletion of potassium as found in hyperadrenal states, where potassium is a great benefit. ⁣

At some point the aldosterone system no longer has an effect, and both minerals may be lost to urine. Salt craving occurs commonly during the adrenal resistance phase.⁣

👉🏻Bottom line: Long term chronic stress burns the body out and leads to disarray throughout the body⁣

Anyway, this is yet another reason I'm teaching you my Remineralize framework to stack the mineral pieces of your health puzzle so you can enjoy optimal health! ⁣

Mineral balancing is so key, it helps us to avoid serious health complications when we know how to approach minerals properly. This is a big reason I created my program: REMINERALIZE. To teach people how to approach minerals with balance in mind to enjoy the benefits and avoid all the health problems that ensue when we don't get our minerals right! 

If you want to recover or rebuild from wherever you are currently in your health journey - I invite you to join: REMINERALIZE. 

You'll soon be on your way to igniting back the spark you lost, who knows when, and get back to enjoying your life with newfound energy! 


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