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PODCAST: Copper’s Impact on your Adrenals & Thyroid

In this episode, I pick up with my conversation educating you about the downstream effects copper has on your mineral system and your body. I highly recommend going back and listening to episodes 18 (HERE) and 19 (HERE) first. 

In order to help exhausted women get their spark back I want to share how the body melts down so you can stop piece-mealing your health and dig into supporting your entire system and self (mind/body/emotions).


{You can also find my podcast: A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and Spotify }

In this episode I talk about:

High level overview of what burnout actually feels like
How excessive tissue copper leads to a depression of both adrenal and thyroid activity
Why I do not recommend 'piecemealing' your health
The slowing of the thyroid's effectiveness at the cell level which decreases your metabolism. Long term stress rising leads to an emotional stress response getting triggered

I talk about this conundrum of how excess copper...

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PODCAST: The Downstream Health Effects of Copper

In this episode, I'm expounding on episode 18 where I talked about the #1 mineral imbalance that leads to burnout, which is copper. I share more about how exposure to excess copper in forms not useful to the body lead to mineral burnout. Then I share what the effects in the body are from that. 

If you are struggling with 'burnout' also know as 'adrenal fatigue' or even have chronic fatigue or hypothyroidism or maybe you don't even know those are an issue for sure but you just feel drained, unmotivated and like you lost your spark : this episode is for you. Especially if you want to take ownership of your well being and learn more about how your body works and how your body has declined so you can start to do something about it.


{You can also find my podcast: A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and Spotify }

In this episode I talk about:

Personal responsibility for your own well being
How this excess of the wrong form of copper depletes key minerals

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PODCAST: #1 Mineral Imbalance Leading to Burnout

In this episode, I shared how 1 key mineral in excess for the past 50 years has become a prevalent issue leading to burnout.

After recovering from my own burnout and helping well over 1000 women and practitioners - I have seen copper excess and imbalance be a leading cause. I shared how this has become the case, even though most other health circles are not talking about it. I also share how this imbalance affects your health so you can become aware of it.

Burnout is not who you are or how you should feel and exist. You are meant to be a master full of vitality living in your true genius. Getting your minerals balanced will be a big key to facilitating you being able to fully be YOU.


{You can also find my podcast: A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and Spotify }

In this episode I talk about:

copper has increased in it's use therefore increased in our bodies
how this excess of the wrong form of copper for human use has wreaked havoc on the body
how copper in...

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VIDEO: How a long term vegetarian diet exacerbates copper toxicity


In the video above, I share a sneak peek into a client's Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) graph.

Her HTMA results are what is called an extreme Slow 1 oxidative type with elevated tissue copper. In this oxidative type, food is burned at a slower-than-optimum rate. 'Oxidation' means to burn. This oxidation rate is mainly determined by how well the thyroid and adrenal glands are functioning. In this case, both are underactive, therefore the metabolism is slowed way down. A great example is like driving with the parking break on.

When this two glands are 'sluggish' (at the cellular level) the symptoms can include; fatigue, depression, constipation, difficulty losing weight, poor circulation, low blood pressure, dry skin and hair. As well one may tend to get sick more easily and recover slowly.

In the video, I cover the first four macro minerals and
3 key ratios that explain the top health concerns she came to me for; fatigue, digestion and bloating. As well as the top reason her...

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VIDEO: What total burnout looks like on a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) graph


In the video above, I share a sneak peek into a client's Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) graph.

Her HTMA results are what is called a Fast 4 oxidative type. This combination is associated with the exhaustion stage of stress, often reflected in extreme fatigue, depression and anxiety.

In the video, I cover the first four macro minerals and what happens in the body and emotions when each mineral is out of balance. In her case, all four macro minerals; calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, were low.

I also shared some insights into the most important mineral ration on her hair test. A low sodium-to-potassium ration. When this ratio is low, it indicates a reduced vitality and impaired electrical balance within the cells. Sodium is an extracellular element while potassium belongs inside the cells. A decrease in the ratio indicates a loss of potassium into the interstitial spaces as cells are destroyed (even if the potassium is showing high on the hair test).

This low ratio is...

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PODCAST: What do you want? With David Hayward

In this podcast episode, I have a powerful conversation with my good friend David Hayward aka The Naked Pastor. I brought him on because he has been a rock for me personally on my own journey back to be me. I found him the year I 'woke up' to be able to say it's A Joy To Be Me. (Which is why I chose to name my podcast what I did).


{You can also find my podcast: A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and Spotify }

In this episode we talk about how:

You are completely okay as you are,.
You are VALID.
You are a creative wonderful thoughtful beautiful person just as you are.
There is nothing you have to be, except who you are.
If you can get to that place of self-trust where you can just embrace yourself and love yourself, that's when things start happening!
Realizing what you want is not selfish
It's okay to have what you want
Knowing what you want and just doing what you want

De-condition to recondition and just be the you that allows yourself to go for what you want...

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How to get magnesium right from the start

*Listen to the podcast episode of this post right HERE.

Magnesium. I could say it's my favorite mineral. It's the mineral that brought me back to life as well as to this amazing work I get to do. It's truly magical to me.

It's power is profound and deep. It's not just something to dabble with. If you want the fullest effect of this magical mineral, you have to dive deep.

If you don’t get magnesium right you get a lot of other things wrong, so let’s get it right from the start.

I spent years not getting it right dabbling, trying to intellectualize and then also feel my way through implementing it.

The first step for me was; I was DESPERATE for relief to change my life and health. My anxiety, insomnia and muscle tension was out of this world. As a single mom with four young kids I needed massive relief from all of those things and fast!

The second step was; voraciously consuming every morsel of information on magnesium as I possibly could. Imagine me as ravenous and...

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PODCAST: Mineral balancing for brain optimization

Recently I was invited to speak on a colleague's podcast; Holistic Nootropics. Erik Levi a fellow FNTP who also took my practitioner program; Holistic Mineral Balancing (now The HTMA Practitioner Jumpstart).

In the episode; Mineral balancing for brain optimization, Erik and I discuss; minerals and how they affect the body, minerals that are good for the mind, the most important minerals to get every day, electrolytes and why its important to understand how minerals interact with each other.

In this episode, I got my nerd hat on and dished out a really big slice of mineral pie for you.

Take a listen, I'm sure you'll get some big light bulb moments from it and probably be reminded to take some actions for your health.

Holistic Nootropics Podcast Episode 4: Mineral Balancing for Brain Optimization

You'll get a huge overview and understanding into why I love mineral balancing so much.

One listener already wrote in with how much she loved the podcast episode.

"I listened twice, I never do...

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Sustainable health: a dynamic way to BE!

Your life force energy and vigor is what gives you a dynamic life. This force in essence is YOU!

You are a whole person - your whole system works together there is no dividing yourself up and treating different parts if you want to enjoy true health and be fully YOU!

Your system includes your bodies electricity, your mineral system balance, your voltage, dynamism, if you’re happy in your soul and how you carry your body in this world.

Minerals are a huge part of your voltage system and how you increase your voltage -then the power comes on and everything begins to work. Your body, mind, emotions - all of what makes you YOU. No more trying to find yourself or your purpose or go down 8000 different rabbit holes trying to slap a bunch of health hacks on for size that never stick.

When you get your SPARK back, you get YOU back as long as you keep that spark ignited and sustained. This is how you tune into YOUR power.

You see, being truly healthy is not just the absence of...

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How to receive natural magnetic energy


You can create a lifestyle conducive to your health or hack your health in the lifestyle that led you to decline. You decide.

Many years ago I read about about grounding. You know how you read about all the things that are good for your health, but then don’t end up habituating them right away.

Sometimes it’s just about planting the seed within you so you can embody it in your own way and timing.

Fortunately, my adrenal burnout led me to recreate my entire lifestyle. I ended up living in the woods near a creek trail in my first home post-divorce. I grew to love those woods as I believe it was their magic that nursed me back to health and brought me back to life.

My first attempts at nature walks were feeble. I could only walk about 10-15 minutes at a time without getting out of breath. So I decided to start there. Eventually, my body grew stronger and I could walk 4-5 miles a day and sometimes even 6-7.

I remember the first time I allowed myself to go into the woods and...

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