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PODCAST: Conformity Sucks Your Energy Away

In this episode, I share what's been on my mind of late.  One thing that keeps coming up is standing in your own truth and sovereignty. 

Being your full true self is a great source of energy. So many people lacking vitality are missing this piece of the puzzle. 

The more you are ignited with appropriate nutrients the more empowered you will become as well. The more energy you’ll have to feel capable and stand in your own personal truth especially when it does not align with the herd. 

Listen to Episode #70: Conformity Sucks Your Energy Away : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

The conformity mentality: "Everyone I know is doing X - so it can’t possibly be wrong?

If you are comparing your choices in life to the ‘herd mentality’ you are NOT allowing yourself to be yourself. Meaning, you are unwilling to do the inner work to choose your own path. Your research is never complete just by towing the...

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Health & Wellness Wishes for the New Year

Tomorrow is a brand new year.

A brand new year many of us are hoping brings radical change in light of the year we’ve just had.  It feels like a good moment to truly think about your health and well being. If 2020 highlighted anything, it's both. 

Symbolically, the New Year is about a fresh start. A clean slate. A blank canvas. A second chance.

I think we all want second chances with something in our lives. As we look back over this past year, there are probably so many things we might wish we could have done differently. Things we were unprepared for, that now with hindsight we wished we had taken more seriously. Things we got totally wrong and could not fix.

Maybe a big health scare, a financial crisis, a loss or heartbreak. Perhaps some are grappling with what is their purpose in life.

And to make it all worse, we may even be feeling guilt or shame about the way things went down in our lives this past year. 

We may see our part and wish we could have done it...

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PODCAST: Choose to be happy with Marie Houlden


In episode 33 of my podcast, I chat with Marie Houlden about her new book; I Choose To Be Happy

Marie is an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner who helps women who want more in life and aren't sure how to have it.

{Learn more about Marie and her work HERE, find her on Instagram HERE}

A little over 4 years ago, Marie helped me when I was in a deep dark 'funk'. I had parked my ass in my bed in my room for almost a month. I couldn't get up or out, I literally felt glued to the bed and doomed to my depression. I had gained 12 pounds and literally wasn't sure how I would pull out of it all.

I found Marie from several colleagues recommendation. One night in a dream, I saw her face vividly and heard her name audibly. I woke up that morning knowing I had to book a session with her right away, and so I did.

Shortly after working with her (and a life coach and transformation coach), I pulled out of my funk. I even met an amazing man and fell in love. Life started to have meaning and...

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PODCAST: You Are Not A Fraud

In episode #31 of the podcast, I'm sharing thoughts and resources to help you deal with imposter syndrome. A psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their skills, talents or accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

Imposter syndrome is when you doubt yourself, your skills, talents or accomplishments. You may have a persistent ongoing internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud". This can happen in many areas of your life.

Imposter syndrome can be DEBILITATING. It can cause stress, anxiety, low self confidence, shame and even depression. 

One of it's biggest limits is that it affects your ability to go after what you want in life.

BUT what if impostor syndrome could help you pave the way to success and your big beautiful dreams? What if you could learn how to use it to your advantage?

Remember your brain is always trying to keep you SAFE.

So if you learn to listen to what your imposter syndrome voice is really trying to...

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Choose to EMBODY the you who you want to be

You get to choose to EMBODY the you who you want to be.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I could live life in full color.

Instead of living in my mind, like an old fashioned movie reel.

Black, white, shaky, fuzzy, sound quality subpar.

Instead of living as if my life was happening TO me...

I began to lean in and see that life was happening FOR me…

And eventually, realized, I can happen to my own life…

What do I mean?

I mean waking up every day, free of feeling obligated and enslaved to living the way I am supposed to according to society.

And instead, asking myself every day, the question…


And then giving that to myself…

The funny thing, was that I learned what I want is quite simple most often…

The beauty of this gift of giving to myself, is I get to live from within versus from without.

Without - meaning outside of myself, as if I have no say and have to live according to what’s expected of me as perceived by...

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You get to choose how you show up in your life

*Note: Listen to the full episode on the podcast here.

An empowered women doesn't shy away from life! She shows up fully and completely for all that life has to offer, and trusts her ability to take charge in any situation.

In this podcast episode I'm discussing the importance of mastering the way you present yourself to the world. The truth is that having a healthy ego is really important. Having a strong idea of who you are as an individual is essential to your ability to be authentic, to set goals, and to live your life the way that is right for you. It's a reminder of your ability to choose how to show up in your life.

As well as to stay in your own lane, to be aware of what YOU are doing. So that this energy brings you in touch with your most powerful autonomy.

This episode could be the kick in the pants you need to remind you that you can do hard things. Instead of avoiding difficulty, you can allow yourself to face challenges head-on. Be willing to start sorting through your...

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How to spark your enthusiasm for life

You're in your head too much, stressing, not sleeping. You feel like 100 tabs are open in your brain at all times. Perhaps you've become addicted to stress.

Your mind won't quit, you feel incredibly anxious and irritable, your body starts to revolt and then you begin to question your own sanity. Have I gone mad? Am I entirely losing my mind?

You literally feel guilty when you aren't on top of everything but yet you find yourself paralyzed in your chair not able to mobilize. All the while feeling guilt and shame because you are not being productive enough. But what you don't know, is your body is wise to park your ass for awhile.

You see, you can't run on fumes my friend. You can't run on an empty battery, you aren't the energizer bunny. You have to recharge your batteries. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

You as a grown ass woman still need to rest but also PLAY.

You wonder why you've lost your sense of fun and stopped creating your art, stopped making your music or stopped writing your novel?


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How to be true to YOU

'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who were you before the world told you who to be.

Don't remember?

Me neither.

To do so, I had to strip a lot down and away to get down to the real raw authentic Lydia.

I had to look myself in the metaphorical and real life mirror and let myself SEE myself so I could truly BE myself. Accept myself. Love myself. Own myself. And still to this day, this mirror work continues.

I'll be honest, I avoided that inner work for far too long. For one thing, I didn't even know to do so. I was so conditioned to feel and think, I would never be good enough that it became my default position.

The authentic YOU calls you to put yourself first. Not a thing many of us have been taught is ok, rather taught it's selfish.

And because we want to be GOOD and liked, we avoid putting ourselves first.

But sister, that's the worst thing we can do and continue to do.

When we do...

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Your self-doubt has a message for you

Self doubt: Why do you doubt yourself?

For me it was conditioning from childhood. I didn’t feel like I was worth much of anything for various reasons.

But now that I’m an adult it’s my job to parent myself out of that conditioning and mind space.

Here’s the thing; you and I each were meant for something special while we live and breath on the planet. You and I, we each have our own purpose, calling, darma, gifts…

And deep inside you and I know our deepest gifts are there, even if we don’t see them yet.

Your life purpose, your gifts, your dreams, whatever they are - are MEANT to come out of you and into this 3 dimensional world. And because of that, you will sense a deep inner ache until they flow freely.

It’s much like the primal urge to mate or to procreate.

Because you have your own creative gift or purpose and I have mine -we all do, there is no need to doubt it’s there. It just IS. Something that is your unique gift, message, art...

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How To Overcome Self-Doubt and Pursue Your Dreams

Here you and I are, in a brand new decade, ready to embrace a life full of purpose, joy and pleasure.

I don't know about you, but if I have learned anything this past decade, it's this; self-doubt kills dreams more than anything else.

Self-doubt serves no purpose, it just holds you back from living the life you want.

Why do you doubt yourself?

For me it was conditioning from childhood (from my parents, my church, society etc...). I didn’t feel like I was worth much of anything for various reasons.

But now that I’m an adult it’s my job to parent myself out of that conditioning and mind space.

Here’s the thing; you and I were meant for something special while we live and breath on the planet. You and I, we each have our own purpose, calling, darma and gifts.

And deep inside you and I, our deepest gifts are there, even if we don’t 'see' them yet.

Your life purpose, your gifts, your dreams - they are are MEANT to come out of you and into this 3 dimensional...

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