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Why you need to remineralize your body

If anything 2020 has highlighted, it’s that we need to be WAY more resilient as humans.

Both in our physical health, but also our mental health.
Not to mention increase our bandwidth to better deal with stress.

So it can roll like water off a duck’s back, know what I mean?!

Your internal reserves are what give you resilience.

People who struggle with feeling like they are about to collapse if one more life stress comes their way, are usually dealing with deficient inner reserves.

What do I mean?

Well they don’t have the building blocks in place for their body to run
optimally so they can deflect life's stressors like a super power.


They don’t know they are missing the building blocks for one thing. Next they don't even know what building blocks they need. Additionally, they are burning up what little reserves they have by falling deeper into the rabbit hole known as the modern life.

What are they missing that keeps their reserves in place?

Well, MINERALS for one thing.

At the core of about 70-80% of health problems is mineral deficiency. And not just one, but many. Not to mention, 80-90% of all doctors visits are STRESS related. 

Stress uses up your minerals FAST.
Your mineral reserves give you energy and resilience.
BUT they have to be robust enough in the first place to keep you chill and trucking on come what may.

For example:

You can’t pay all your bills if you don’t have enough money in your bank account, right?

So, to make sure you don’t get buried under a pile of bills and debt, you likely keep enough in your checking account with an emergency fund in savings.

Now, what would happen if life threw a bunch of curve balls your way (aka: stressors) that drained your financial reserves? Car accident, injury, or unexpected home repair.

Now imagine that without the savings or investments or even a flush checking account?

Getting deeper and deeper in debt to the point of possible bankruptcy would put an enormous amount of stress on you.

The same is true for the human body.

When the body has drained all it’s reserves, that’s called BURNOUT.

A burned out body has NO bandwidth for daily life let alone a more stressful one.

Zero resilience because all the body can do at this point is try to survive. You become minerally bankrupt and this affects EVERY system and function in your body.

Not a very happy picture, right?

I’ve seen this in my practice with countless clients, heck this was MY LIFE!

What was missing was I couldn’t hold onto to my nutrition, namely my minerals due to lifelong deficiencies, stressors and having 4 kids, 1 miscarriage and 5 moves in 2 years, my father-in-laws death and a divorce.

My health plummeted to the floor, I had PTSD, extreme fatigue and reactive hypoglycemia, insomnia and anxiety. I was physically, mentally and emotionally bankrupt.

When I finally figured this out, I used a functional test called hair tissue mineral analysis, I saw that I was in quadruple burnout. My body was starving for minerals and a freaking break from all the life stress.

There are numerous additional reasons why I burned out; which I won’t go into here, but suffice it to say if the minerals are missing, even in small amounts in the human body, it has to compensate greatly.

It begins to slow down in function and things like fatigue and lethargy set in. Mental clarity goes, the brain becomes quite foggy. Moods become lower, duller and more apathetic.

Why? Because the body is running on less energy reserves.

Minerals keep your spark in your body. Minerals give you energy to be happy, radiant, vibrant, full of joy with a juicy libido to boot.

Magnesium for example is involved in 6 of the 8 steps of the Krebs cycle.
It’s a key mineral that research shows most people are deficient in.

Even if it’s taken as a supplement, the body may not absorb it AND may actually still be burning it right back up due to the stresses of life.

In order to recover deeply it’s important to not just throw oil in a leaky tank so to speak. The drains have to be recognized for the gains to actually increase in momentum.

It can be a vicious cycle until the body is restored with balanced mineral reserves. This process can take time, BUT results can occur very quickly once you start.

Imagine getting back even some of the savings you had to burn up due to all those sudden financial disasters. Anyone whose had to declare bankruptcy, knows what it's like once your rebuild your credit and finances. It's a huge relief and provides so much more opportunity to enjoy your life.

The relief one would feel would be massive. Not to mention, the energy that would be relieved from not having to put out constant metaphorical fires.

The more robust the financial portfolio the more freedom and energy to enjoy your life.

The same is true with a remineralized body.

First, you wake up daily with good energy.
Energy that lasts sustainably through the day.
Energy that helps your moods regulate and stablize but also be more joyful.
Energy to deal with your emotions, have tough conversations instead of avoidance.
Energy that allows your body to now prioritize deeper healing.
Energy that no longer has you binge eating the leftovers on your kids plates or late night bingeing junky carbs.
Energy so you no longer need to drag yourself to the coffee machine each  morning to drink that first cup so you can even start your day.
Energy that now can perk your skin back up, your hair grow back, even your eyelashes and eyebrows fill in.
Energy to actually enjoy getting dressed nice and do your hair.
Energy to spark up your long lost libido and enjoy your sex life more fully. Energy to play with your kids.
Energy to create more in life and pick back up those lost hobbies or projects.
Energy to keep your brain SHARP, no more swimming through pea soup in your head.
Energy to support others because you are fueled from within.
Energy that helps you BE YOUR TRUE FULL SELF.

I could go on and on but those are many of the things women I've helped have shared with me that they've experienced once getting started on their mineral balancing journey.

They chose to see what they were missing, what they wanted life to be like instead and dug in to make the recommended changes.

I do work with each client on an individualized basis through the review of their hair tissue mineral analysis results. So I can customize support directly for them and no one else.

That shared, over the years of working with over 1000 people I've seen patterns that I've had to address with EVERY SINGLE CLIENT.

There are many steps in the healing process to fully remineralize, many of those are building blocks that everyone needs to have in place. And when they actually put them in place AND sustain them, usually they get pretty epic results in a short amount of time.

It's possible to turn a lot of major problems around in a few weeks to months when these habits are created.

So, I thought I should share this with even more people so they can get their spark back too.

Instead of writing my book and waiting to get it out to the masses, I decided to create an online mini program for those wanting to get started remineralizing their body NOW.

If you want to recover or rebuild from wherever you are currently in your health journey - I invite you to join: REMINERALIZE.

You'll soon be on your way to igniting back the spark you lost who knows when and get back to enjoying your life with newfound energy!

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