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SHE is powerful

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In this episode I shared a potent piece of writing that flowed through me this morning - I hope you find it encouraging as you listen or read. 

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They tried to silence and suppress her voice
Her curiosity would question
They would stifle
“Shh child stop asking so many questions”

Every time her wild child showed up she was dismissed

She would get sent to school with perfect french braids only to come home looking like she put her finger in a light socket
She could NEVER sit still
She was and is a tsunami in a teacup
A wild voracious force not meant to be sat down, shushed or tamed

The only safe place for her wild to be free was when she got lost in nature or hid out in her room

She’d wander the woods, creeks and climb in the trees
She’d make mud pies and sing to bugs

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Thoughts on finding the 'root cause' of burnout

There is not just ONE root cause
When it comes to burnout

If burnout had just one root
It wouldn’t be so powerful in taking you down in the first place
It would be easy to find and focus on and uproot


Burnout has multiple roots
Some SO deep and thick and strong
With others all tangled up in the mix

When someone says you need to find "THE" root cause
You may feel misled
I mean, sometimes “A” root of the cause is responsible for multiple offshoots

Rooting out 'the cause' is even more exhausting
Because there’s never just one

And no, there's no bandaids, quick fixes or overnight cures either
Once you come to terms with this, you'll relax more into a new way of life

A way of life that is FOR you
No longer in denial of your truest deepest needs

So to my burned out friends

Stay steady

Focus on the terrain of your life
Inner first, outer second

The environment you live in is everything
Let it be filled with light, energy, joy, nourishment

Increase your healthy...

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PODCAST: Flow With Your Feminine Energy

In this podcast episode, I'm diving into how to flow with your feminine energy to avoid burning out trying to hustle in your 'masculine' energy too much.

The masculine energy likes to DO, and the feminine energy craves to just BE. If you've hung out with me at all on the podcast or social you'll have heard me time and time again encouraging women to stop DOING so much and start BEING more.

I personally got burned the heck out as a single mother and sole-preneur because I spent a lot of time learning how to operate in my masculine energy. It took me a long time to figure this part of my health out and when I did it brought so much relief. It freed up so much energy to allow myself to operate more in my natural energy which is my feminine energy. I began to FLOW in my life, work and relationships.

I have seen this tendency for the modern woman and mother to be very hyper-vigilant which is more of a masculine energy. Losing sight of the beauty and freedom to be more in their true...

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