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PODCAST: Red Light Therapy with Kris Kross of EMR-tek

In this podcast episode (#28), I have a dynamic conversation with Kris Kross who owns a Red Light company called EMR-tek. We talk about what red light therapy is, why we need it for your health, how blue light harms us as well as some practical steps you can take to swap your light. If you want to learn how to turbo charge your cells and reduce harm from excess blue light definitely give this episode a listen.

Blue light also causes you to use up your glutathione reserves, so you end up leaking energy and wasting your glutathione. If we could just swap out our light we can give ourselves a better fighting chance.

It's all about Harm Reduction

Blue light is toxic to you the worst part is oxidative stress and free radical damage. You can turbo charge your ATP with red light (the correct spectrum of light for human health)

The #1 thing you can start to do today to help with harm reduction is swap your light (at home and in your work environment to the degree it’s possible).

Here is a starting point for your daily light strategy, based on what Kris shared in the podcast.

Morning -AM
Sun gazing or red light at least 8-10 minutes

I use the Firewave (hang out with me on my Instagram stories daily to see all my pics and how I weave red light into my day)
No blue light or cell phones (get the IRIS blue blocker app on phone if you do need to check it).

You can use the sandy yellow blue blocking glasses while working under bright indoor lights if you can’t control their use.
Or you can get the clip ons to put on the glasses you already have.
If you can control the lights : shut them off and use amber incandescent bulbs on Amazon or natural sunlight
Get f.lux on your laptop and iPad and get the Iris app on your phone (night shift on iPhone is not effective enough)

Nighttime - PM
Optimally shift your light in the house wear your glasses after the sun starts setting.

1. Lights off/minimized (f.lux on screens/app on phone/ amber lit home -shut off bright lights)

2. Red blue blocker glasses when viewing TV screen which can not be altered with an app yet (at least 45 minutes before bed) or when checking your phone at night or even in the middle of the night
If exposed to blue light cover your skin to protect it

Those were just the highlights of our conversation. We covered a ton of ground in this episode, so you are definitely going to want to head over to listen to the entire episode.


Kris graciously offered a gift for YOU my readers/listeners/clients. He will gift you a pair of blue blocking glasses when you order your Firewave Red Light.  This gives you 2 things to start your light biohacking journey.
Just leave the following message at check out: Attention Allie - please include a pair of blueblocking glasses (ref:  Lydia's podcast). Or email Kris directly before checking out.

Email Kris: [email protected]
Find  Kris on Instagram: @electromagneticrevolution


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Now, I would love to hear from you... have you started biohacking the light in your life to turbo charge your cells ? Share in the comments below…

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