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PODCAST: Still 'worried' about C-O-V-I-D, but don't want the 'V'?

In this episode, I'm sharing some prevention as well as some insights from a doctor in the arena actually treating Covid successfully. 

You may also want to refer to last year's blog post on what you can do preventatively to support your health as well, find that HERE

Peter McCullough, the most published doctor in his field in the world in history. 
He refused to let patients languish at home without support or a treatment plan before they ended up in the hospital. 

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Watch the video I referred to in the podcast episode: HERE

Get the patient guide I referred to in the episode HERE.

People actually think the virus is untreatable, but there are plenty of doctors that have proven this is not true and that there is a treatment. Watch the video and download the pamphlet and share with others! 

*Since sharing this podcast episode a client wrote in to share this success story with me: 

Hi Lydia,

Just wanted to tell you that my friend and her husband and 2 kids got Covid and I sent her the treatment protocol you shared from AAPS and she found a Dr via telemetry to prescribe the drugs and her and her hubby are much better. California dept of health has told Dr's NOT to prescribe these drugs!  She found a Dr on the east coast. Her hubby's oxygen was low and he was not doing well she got him in the meds and his fever broke and is feeling much better. Her 10nyr old boy got sick but it was mild for him. Her daughter was very mild as well. They did not get the vaccine and never had Covid before.
Just wanted to let you know how you have helped! Thank you for sharing that info I have shared it with all my friends.

Hopefully this information helps more people like this - be sure to share far and wide!  

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