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PODCAST: Funderful with Cathy Eason

Often times we create more stress when we TRY to do a super clinical protocol after diagnosis of an illness. I truly believe burnout can occur from getting way to caught up in extreme healing protocols. 

In this podcast episode, I have an amazing in depth conversation with Cathy Eason. A colleague and educator who is also recovering from mold illness. We both realized along the way on our journey that FUN and JOY were key to our recovery. 

Listen to Episode #44 Funderful with Cathy Eason : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

In case you missed episode 43 and my mold recovery blog post where I began the conversation of my own story about mold  and how it affected my health and well being; check it out HERE. 

You can learn more about Cathy and her work at her website; Open Door Healing
Find her on Facebook and Instagram as well. 

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I can help women in burnout once they’ve left their mold environment, I have a mineral advantage that connects everything together for a whole systems approach to deeper recovery. 

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