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You get to choose how you show up in your life

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An empowered women doesn't shy away from life! She shows up fully and completely for all that life has to offer, and trusts her ability to take charge in any situation.

In this podcast episode I'm discussing the importance of mastering the way you present yourself to the world. The truth is that having a healthy ego is really important. Having a strong idea of who you are as an individual is essential to your ability to be authentic, to set goals, and to live your life the way that is right for you. It's a reminder of your ability to choose how to show up in your life.

As well as to stay in your own lane, to be aware of what YOU are doing. So that this energy brings you in touch with your most powerful autonomy.

This episode could be the kick in the pants you need to remind you that you can do hard things. Instead of avoiding difficulty, you can allow yourself to face challenges head-on. Be willing to start sorting through your whatever obstacles you currently have. This might not always be easy, but if you believe in yourself you CAN do hard things.

It's important to be equally willing to own your strengths AND your opportunities for further growth. This means you can own your power while also still looking at where you have room for growth based on the obstacles you see coming up repeatedly.

It's okay to be free spirited, yet collected … yes, even now during Corona.

Let yourself be open to envisioning your best life. You can look beyond obstacles. You can see beyond the mundane world. Endless terrain is out there for you to explore, if only you choose to say YES. Give yourself a chance to survey the landscape around you. You do not need to rely on anyone else’s map – you are exploring this one and only life for yourself, charting it according to your experience, your interpretation. 

Your future is a blank canvas – and all the colors of the rainbow are available for you to create your experience going forward. There is no guarantee of exactly what you’ll find as you continue your explorations. Magic and wonder abound, yes – but illusions and setbacks are part of the journey, as well.

Some structure is useful, so give yourself a moment to survey your inner and outer landscape. It's all about learning to trust your gut, but it’s also about surveying the energies around you.

It is about action, yes – but it is about the kind of action that is born of intention, not impulse. The paradox here is you can only do so much planning and intention setting – eventually, you’ve just got to venture on and see where each day takes you.

Do you to engage deeply with your life experiences? Do you get curious about yourself, as well as curious about the world around you? I highly encourage you to let yourself look even at mundane realities with fresh eyes, for there are treasures everywhere that can only be perceived if you are energetically open.

Be willing to survey all that life has to offer and embrace it all as a package deal, so you can also go beyond the surface levels and into the depths of all that life has to offer you.

Be a living, breathing example of what you want to see more of in the world. Embrace your visions and bring them into reality.

Finally, what do you think you might you find if you embrace your personal power?  Imagine how invigorating it could be to live more fully from your own inner resources. You can be a passive bystander or you can engage with and harness your inner resilience and learn to use it effectively.

Are you ready to acknowledge your power and step fully into it, even when doing so is outside of your comfort zone?

If so, I have an invitation for you to step up to the plate. Especially if you have been shying away from your own power and your own desires. Now is the time to embrace who you are, what you believe, and where you want things to go from here.

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