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Choose to EMBODY the you who you want to be

You get to choose to EMBODY the you who you want to be.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I could live life in full color.

Instead of living in my mind, like an old fashioned movie reel.

Black, white, shaky, fuzzy, sound quality subpar.

Instead of living as if my life was happening TO me...

I began to lean in and see that life was happening FOR me…

And eventually, realized, I can happen to my own life…

What do I mean?

I mean waking up every day, free of feeling obligated and enslaved to living the way I am supposed to according to society.

And instead, asking myself every day, the question…


And then giving that to myself…

The funny thing, was that I learned what I want is quite simple most often…

The beauty of this gift of giving to myself, is I get to live from within versus from without.

Without - meaning outside of myself, as if I have no say and have to live according to what’s expected of me as perceived by me based on what society and others deem appropriate...

Within - meaning inside of myself, as I have all the say and get to live according to what I desire for my own life, what I tune in to from the deepest places inside my core allowing it to flow through me and become me.

It’s an inside out life vs outside in life.

And let me tell you, it’s liberating beyond what words can express …

The more I tune in and allow myself, without condition, to give myself what I want 

Each and every day, the more I live in a state of flow that feels easy and almost effortless.

But as soon as I pivot away from that and live from external influences and abandon my inner knowing, shit gets funky.

I lose my way, my joy, my free flow, my peace.

I see this same struggle in my clients.

Women who struggle to please others at the expense of their own soul desires and wants. Women who won’t allow themselves to have what they want because they don’t even ask. Women who fear giving to themselves first because it seems selfish.

Selfish to many has been taught is a bad thing, at least to women.
It's actually  not bad to be selfish, full of self. It's a lie that keeps women from living their fullest magical potential. Which let's be honest, benefits everyone they influence.

When you are operating from your internal compass EVERYONE benefits. Your inner guidance is there for a reason. It’s always trying to show you the way to what you want so you can wake up every day and live according to you.

As within, so without is a phrase you’ve maybe heard… it means the entire fucking Universe is inside of YOU!

So why would you not want to tap into and let that potent magic OUT?
Instead you get up and look without to fulfill you within?

Your outside world is really an exact reflection of your inner world. This is how your lessons on Earth are presented to you.

So look at your life and see what you have in your life. Do you have a life you love? Do you have what your soul truly wants? Do you feel satiated with life? Are you full of passion? Joy?

Are you creating what you want to create? Creation is not just for literal artists. It's a gift we all have innately and uniquely. You can create a beautiful home life. An amazing business you love. You can create a minimalist for yourself. You can create whatever you want for your life. If you aren't creating it, you will know because you are doubting it, second guessing yourself. You'll feel like something is missing.

I think one of the greatest causes of pain, lack of energy, depression/anxiety, even low libido is when you don’t allow yourself to get to know yourself deeply enough to know what you truly want. If you don’t know what you want, you will wake up and live on someone else’s terms.

You may then feel dissatisfied and think something is wrong with you. But really, it’s just that the thing that is RIGHT for you -you aren’t allowing. You aren’t allowing it because you haven’t spent enough time dialing into yourself. Getting to know yourself, what makes you tick, what makes you FEEL deeply alive without condition or judgement or critique. Just letting your soul speak and you listen and allow what comes up from within to come out of you. To BE you. You become yourself when you know yourself so intimately.

Friends, your relationship with yourself is the most important one of them all.

So, today, give yourself the gift of time to yourself for yourself. Then ask yourself, what do you really love? What do you really want? Face those questions bravely, don’t be afraid of what may come up. Because if you don’t allow it to, you will suffer … it’s the releasing that allows you to feel the most alive!

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