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PODCAST: Asking for help

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Getting the help we need shouldn’t be so damn hard. However, for many of us it is.

The truth is, society is not set up for our health & well being. We are all more collectively burned out than any of us cares to admit. We don’t want to admit it because we make it mean something bad about ourselves. We feel shame, grief, frustration . . . we feel like we just have to keep showing up saving face OR we can’t show our true mess or needs for fear of judgment or rejection. Perhaps we feel like we are being a burden. Perhaps we feel like people won’t really understand or be able to help us.

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The truth is, I myself have needed help for far longer than I’ve been willing to admit. As a single mom of four boys, what I really needed all this time was a community that would help me raise my sons....

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How To Overcome Self-Doubt and Pursue Your Dreams

Here you and I are, in a brand new decade, ready to embrace a life full of purpose, joy and pleasure.

I don't know about you, but if I have learned anything this past decade, it's this; self-doubt kills dreams more than anything else.

Self-doubt serves no purpose, it just holds you back from living the life you want.

Why do you doubt yourself?

For me it was conditioning from childhood (from my parents, my church, society etc...). I didn’t feel like I was worth much of anything for various reasons.

But now that I’m an adult it’s my job to parent myself out of that conditioning and mind space.

Here’s the thing; you and I were meant for something special while we live and breath on the planet. You and I, we each have our own purpose, calling, darma and gifts.

And deep inside you and I, our deepest gifts are there, even if we don’t 'see' them yet.

Your life purpose, your gifts, your dreams - they are are MEANT to come out of you and into this 3 dimensional...

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