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How to be true to YOU

'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who were you before the world told you who to be.

Don't remember?

Me neither.

To do so, I had to strip a lot down and away to get down to the real raw authentic Lydia.

I had to look myself in the metaphorical and real life mirror and let myself SEE myself so I could truly BE myself. Accept myself. Love myself. Own myself. And still to this day, this mirror work continues.

I'll be honest, I avoided that inner work for far too long. For one thing, I didn't even know to do so. I was so conditioned to feel and think, I would never be good enough that it became my default position.

The authentic YOU calls you to put yourself first. Not a thing many of us have been taught is ok, rather taught it's selfish.

And because we want to be GOOD and liked, we avoid putting ourselves first.

But sister, that's the worst thing we can do and continue to do.

When we do this, we lose our spark and don't own our gifts and truth.

It's 2020, a year like no other. A time, where I believe you and I are being called to SO. MUCH. MORE.

Last night, I watched an Instagram live with Glennon Doyle and Alicia Keys. Two women, I adore because they show up in the world being true to who they are. BUT not without having had to do the inner work and the shedding of societal conditioning.

I enjoyed their live conversation be sure to find it here.

They each wrote books. Glennon's book is; Untamed and Alicia's book is; More Myself.

I'm loving this trend of women writing their stories so more women can own themselves and their truth.

That's been one of my missions here on my site, in my blog posts, my podcast: A Joy To Be Me. My podcast inspired by my wake-up call that led me to be able to truly say; "It's a Joy To Be Me". Listen to episode 2 of the podcast: Know Thyself.

The path to being true to you is allowing yourself to BE yourself. To do this, your first step is to give yourself permission. Ask yourself what YOU want and give it to yourself.

Now I would love to hear from you... do you know who YOU are? What light's your soul on fire or brings you joy? Knowing yourself is a powerful gift, it's not just for you -it's your gift to the world. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below... 

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