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PODCAST: Energy Shifts & 2 Health Tips

I’ve been having some powerful energy dynamics in my life of late that I haven’t been properly channeling and using or directing in creative ways -such as this podcast for all of you. So I found my Man Gen self frustrated and experiencing disrupted sleep

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I’ve been reading this book, thanks to my friend Kaitlyn for that recommendation as it came up in a conversation we had about one of my own personal blocks/ patterns. She suggested I do an exercise from the book so I looked it up, read the free portion of it, bought it on kindle and devoured several chapters immediately. Literally on every page there were many 'holy fuck that’s potent' moments going on for me as the words pierced so deep for me. It was clearly the medicine I needed in the moment. The concept of the book is shadow work but from a perspective of making your...

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PODCAST: Expand your joy (with minerals)

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Expand your joy so deep. That it doesn’t matter what others do or don’t do.
You still have an overflow. You still have waters of bliss to bathe in at any given moment.

In this episode, I remind us all of the core message of this podcast: A JOY TO BE YOURSELF.

Listen to episode #122 : Expand your joy (with minerals) - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

I share an adventure I had and some past podcasts on joy as well as how to ENJOY your life and be yourself more fully with a key mineral pair in balance (and what it means).

If you haven't yet checked out this past posts, check them out too:

- How to Create a life full of ultimate pleasure
- Lack of Joy? How to revive your passion 

Like I always say; minerals run the show!


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Detoxing your conditioning: Show the mess!

In today's post, I wanted to share something that came up for me in my journaling recently. I was listening to a podcast by Rainer Wylde; I can't recall which one.

Listen to this on the podcast; Episode #112 - Detoxing your conditioning: show the mess! Find: A Joy To Be Me On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

However, It nudged me to recall a part of my past as he stated; " I am not a proponent for staying at all costs. You have to have 2 people fully committed to growth." When talking about relationships/partnerships/marriage. 

He also encouraged people to 'show the mess'. The truth is that message had already been coming through over and over and over.

At first, I was like; "I thought I already was showing the mess? I'm pretty open already."

Then it hit me; there is more I can share that I haven't yet shared and in so doing, perhaps it will liberate others. I know when I hear others have struggles that I think are unique to only me, it gives me a bit of...

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You are the placebo

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Your biology is changed by your own energy. 
Your energy is what affects matter. 
When you change your energy you change your body. 

Joe Dispenza talks about this in his work; his books, videos and meditations. So does Bruce Lipton. 

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Between one-third and two-thirds of all healing is down to the placebo effect, not therapies, drugs, injections, shots or surgery. The placebo is just a sugar-pill where someone is healed by the belief they’ll get better: positive thinking.

Now the nocebo effect is equally powerful, caused by negative thoughts. The belief you have a terminal illness can actually cause you to die, and negative thinking is much more common collectively in society today.

You are either the placebo or the nocebo. 

In this episode; I shared a...

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How Mineral Imbalances Impact Our Personality, Emotions & Physical Health

In this podcast episode I was a guest on my friend Cailee of The Ripened Heart's podcast. We chatted about how I've observed that mineral imbalances do affect our emotions and personality in addition to our physical health. 

Did you know that having a mineral imbalance can have an impact on your personality and how you see the world? Mineral balancing is a delicate dance because all minerals have a relationship with each other. Take too much calcium and you get a magnesium deficiency. Consume too much salt and you deplete potassium. It's complicated stuff! And with all of the stress we've been experiencing in the past year our bodies are more depleted of minerals than ever before.

Find this guest episode of mine with Cailee over HERE


I shared some personal stories and examples so you can realize just how interconnected we are individually. As a whole person, it makes sense that all of who we are; mind, body, emotions, personality or soul is all connected. It's then...

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How To Deal With Anxiety In Uncertain Times

I'm not gonna lie, I am feeling a bit on edge right now as the Corona Virus spreads through the world. Uncertainty and anxiety are very tangible right now.

It's important to allow yourself to feel what you feel, but also to lean in more than ever to find ways to soothe, calm and cope. Ways to create healthy conversations, boundaries and establish routine self-care practices.

I decided the best thing I can do is up all of my health practices I've been doing over the past several years, and encourage you to do the same.

I've spent the past decade working from home. During several of those years, I was mostly socially isolated due to recovering from PTSD, adrenal exhaustion and trying to start a business. I am somewhat familiar with social distancing as I've gone days on end many stretches with no human contact other than my own kids.

But this, right now, is different. I'm trying to see the opportunity in it, while also maintaining some level of zen. As well as a time to focus on...

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Lack of Joy? How to Revive Your Passion

Passion, what lights you up currently? When you are passionate you allow yourself to explore your desires and to go towards the things that make you feel joyful.

I am all about fully enjoying my life these days, I didn’t used to. I used to lack joy. In fact, I was so apathetic and fearful that I used to just spend hours fantasizing about life, instead of actually living it. There’s a long history there that stems from trauma and abuse that caused me to not feel safe. This created a lot of blocks in my entire being as a whole, but I’ve done a lot of inner healing to overcome that.

Listen to this blog post as a podcast - Episode 123: Lack of Joy? How to revive your passion - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

There have been many times in my life that I have sunk into 'lack of joy' mode and lost my passion. I'm not alone in this. I know a lot of women struggle with this lack of joy, apathy, boredom, no motivation. This also shows up in...

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How To Become Who You Want To Be

joy mind body mindset Jun 19, 2018

It was the summer of 2007, I had gone through the eternal fires from the pit of hell in my life experience in many ways. I was barely surviving. Deep down, I knew there was more to life that my current experience dictated. My soul was screaming at the top of her lungs; "I want more than this, there has to be more!"

To give you a little picture of where I am coming from. I had just had my 4th son and had to flee from his father to another state to escape his abuse. At the time, I felt like no one could help me but myself. And truth be told, I was exhausted beyond all comprehension of fighting - I was drained to the core; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It took a lot to get to this point in my life and that’s all a story for another day (I’m actually writing a book about it), but that summer was the turning point when I finally ‘woke up’ and began to fall in love with myself. The me that was buried and hiding my whole life dying to be...

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