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Detoxing your conditioning: Show the mess!

In today's post, I wanted to share something that came up for me in my journaling recently. I was listening to a podcast by Rainer Wylde; I can't recall which one.

Listen to this on the podcast; Episode #112 - Detoxing your conditioning: show the mess! Find: A Joy To Be Me On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

However, It nudged me to recall a part of my past as he stated; " I am not a proponent for staying at all costs. You have to have 2 people fully committed to growth." When talking about relationships/partnerships/marriage. 

He also encouraged people to 'show the mess'. The truth is that message had already been coming through over and over and over.

At first, I was like; "I thought I already was showing the mess? I'm pretty open already."

Then it hit me; there is more I can share that I haven't yet shared and in so doing, perhaps it will liberate others. I know when I hear others have struggles that I think are unique to only me, it gives me a bit of...

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Self-Care isn't always glamorous

In this episode, I decided to share a beautiful writing by another person that I've seen circulating on the internet over the years. I chose to share it at this time of the year as we go through the holiday season and into another brand new year. 

Listen to episode #90 : Self-care isn't always glamorousFind A JOY TO BE ME on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

“Self-care is often a very unbeautiful thing.

It is making a spreadsheet of your debt and enforcing a morning routine and cooking yourself healthy meals and no longer just running from your problems and calling the distraction a solution.

It is often doing the ugliest thing that you have to do, like sweat through another workout or tell a toxic friend you don’t want to see them anymore or get a second job so you can have a savings account or figure out a way to accept yourself so that you’re not constantly exhausted from trying to be everything, all the time and then needing to take...
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Celebrating the Miracle Boy Who Made Me a Mommy

joy single motherhood Dec 01, 2019

Today, I am celebrating my oldest son, Caleb’s, 21st birthday.

And, I’m a little over the moon.

So, indulge me as I share (like any momma proudly would) about his miraculous entry into this world and what he has taught me.

My pregnancy with Caleb was rather unexpected and came at a time in my life where I was ‘lost’ for lack of a better way to express that period.

I didn’t know what I wanted in life, or where I was going and I wasn’t in tune with who I really truly was deep down.

So yeah … LOST.

With the pregnancy came much upheaval in my life and many complications with my health.

Fast forward to the day I had to take myself to the hospital because I could barely breathe, (you see, I had a history of asthma since I was 13).

That visit, while only 33 weeks pregnant, landed me in the hospital overnight and then for well over a week.

You see, Caleb was in what was called a footling breech position.

Where one of his feet was lowered over my...

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How To Conquer & Reclaim Your Life As A Single Mom

In March 2009, 10 years ago at the time I’m writing this, I went on a trip half-way around the world to Hong Kong. At the time, I had no idea it was the trip that would set me free to reclaim my life.

I was in a suffocating marriage at the time. My 4 boys were all so little, I was somehow trying to home-school my oldest two. I was beyond exasperated. My soul had been sucked dry.  

I was involved in a small group of blogging friends on line at the time. All of us were deconstructing from legalistic spiritual abuse and learning to embody a grace-filled way of life. It was a powerful time albeit incredibly challenging. This small group of bloggers helped me hold out for hope.

The trip to Hong Kong was for a grace and glory conference. It was one of those divine interventions. I knew I had to go, even though it didn’t make a whole lot of sense logically.

My ex was not supportive of me going. He berated for months as I planned to go in spite of him. Deep down I had...

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