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How to Power-Up With The Most Balancing Mineral


In light of my goal to empower women to radically transform their lives and  reclaiming your personal power I have to share more about MINERALS. I believe minerals are magical! They create powerful transformation for your mind, body and overall health. They are the spark plugs of life. One of the most powerful and potent minerals is POTASSIUM.

Minerals are one of the most important things you need to put into your body EVERY SINGLE DAY for vibrant health.

Potassium plays a role in every heartbeat. A hundred thousand times a day, it helps trigger your heart to squeeze blood through your body. What do you suppose would happen if you were deficient in potassium?

Potassium is a key electrolyte mineral. Normal body function depends on tight regulation of potassium concentrations both inside and outside of cells. Most people today are not getting enough potassium in their diet.

In my video, I dove into a simple primer on how and why to get started with potassium. You can watch that...

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How To Destress With The Most Magical Mineral


lt would be remiss of me to continue talking about mindset and 'magic' without including more about MINERALS. I believe minerals are magic, meaning they create powerful transformation for your body and health. They are the spark plugs of life. One of the most magical minerals is MAGNESIUM.

Magnesium ignites metabolic reactions in your body, produces and transports energy. Magnesium works inside your tissue cells, bonding with ATP to produce energy for your body’s vital force. So, as you can imagine it’s essential to understand how to utilize this miracle mineral to enjoy vibrant health.

Magnesium is the ultimate chill pill. One of it's best perks is the ability to help your heart, your nervous system, as well as help you create energy. Not the jack you up like a shot of expresso 'energy', rather the even steady clean & clear energy.

In my video, I dove into a simple primer on how and why to get started with magnesium. You can watch that by clicking the video player in...

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The Hidden Blessing of Being in 'Adrenal Fatigue'

I heard about the term ‘adrenal fatigue’ in 2009 after reading one of the most popular books (at the time), on the subject. I realized that all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue described my current health and life to a TEE.

I did not get any functional testing done for years to come. I began to learn the ‘hard way' it was my reality.

When I finally did get my first Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test back, I was both sobered and grateful. After having felt so out of control, emotionally volatile, constantly in a crash and burn mode, I was deeply upset to learn I was truly in burnout or 'adrenal exhaustion'. Even though, intuitively, I already knew.

Seeing my HTMA lab results made me face my health and life,  in a whole new way. Adrenal fatigue is a lifestyle condition, not just a health and nutrition condition. You can’t pull out of deep exhaustion (not to mention a level of trauma and PTSD) just by getting more sleep and eating clean.

Sorry, I wish...

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How To Spark Your Energy With Food As 'Medicine'

Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates

First, let me just remind you, Hippocrates was alive in a very different world than we are today. He’s an ancient Greek physician who lived during Greece's Classical period and is traditionally regarded as the father of medicine (in case you weren’t aware).

He wrote that infamous quote in a time when the world was very different. At a time when most people attributed sickness to superstition and the wrath of the gods, Hippocrates taught that all forms of illness had a natural cause. His writings of the time were used to form what is known as the Hippocratic oath. Today, many medical school graduates still recite modern variations of the oath. Essentially, first do no harm and a focus on prevention.

Today reading that quote may mean something entirely different because of how the world currently is. So let’s unpack it a bit, shall we?

Food is powerful medicine. It is energy as well as information. Every...

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How To Best Recover From Adrenal Fatigue & Be Healthy

It has taken me YEARS to recover my health after my split from my ex, and the baby years. Starting my new life as a single mom, no income, completely burned out, my health kept taking a hit. I was working my way out of the stress from the past, while dealing with a whole new stressful way of life.

I can still remember going through cycles of ups and downs in my health. Feeling better but then pushing too hard only to crash again. During one of my health crashes in 2013, I finally went to see a local herbalist in my town. I had been to all my doctors already and received zero real answers or support to help me.

I remember laying on the herbalists massage table before she did nutritional response testing on me. As soon as she began the muscle testing on me, she asked me if I was getting any sleep at all. The crazy thing was, at the time my sleep was pretty good, but I was still exhausted (even with 9+ hours of sleep a night). She was observing the years and years of me not being able...

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How To Have A Grounded Focus In Your Life

I let so many things go over the years due to the toxic marriage I was in, as well as no sense of purpose or vision. Not to mention, the toll having babies took on me with all of the above in mind. In light of that for many years of my life, I was literally stuck in survival mode only.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and I LOVED the baby years. But the truth was it sucked the life out of me more than I ever could imagine. I lost a lot of my motivation and passion along the way.

Once I was out of that situation, as well as settled on my own with the kids in school, I was able to start to shift my energy and focus. It was time to balance life back out again.

What happens when you end up ‘stuck in the mud’ or ‘survival mode’ is your nervous system ends up stuck too. You can swing too far out of balance and end up in an unhealthy parasympathetic mode. In this case, you may find it harder to shift out of and become motivated.

Let's talk about how your body...

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My Favorite ENERGY Tonic In The World For Adrenal Fatigue


Ladies, if you are struggling with fatigue, burn out or exhaustion, listen up!

I'm about to share my favorite energy tonic in the world for adrenal fatigue.

It has been my go-to remedy and nourishing beverage, both for myself and my clients for many years now. Many women have thanked me profusely for getting them started on this powerful healing tonic and I want to share it with you, so you can get your spark back.

This is for you, if you have adrenal fatigue, or chronic fatigue, you really struggle to have enough energy daily to get up and get through your day without dragging your anchor so to speak. Especially if, you crave stimulants, such as coffee, chocolate or even stimulating supplements to kick-start your energy and keep you going. The problem is, you don't have the actual reserves in your body needed to have natural energy on your own.

One reason is because your body has burned through it's mineral reserves. That's why I love giving the body more bio-available sources of...

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Reasons Your Adrenals LOVE Minerals For Energy

Hello, I'm Lydia and I am recovering from adrenal exhaustion.

For those of you who don't know what that even means, let me explain.

As a single mom, recovering from post traumatic stress from divorce and raising 4 kids on my own, my body has gone through a lot. The more stress you endure (including trauma), and the more kids you have, the more you burn through your bodies mineral reserves.

The more the minerals burn out of your body, your energy does too.

You see, minerals are your bodies spark plugs. Without them, you literally lose your 'spark', or energy.

Your body can't make minerals itself, you have to get them in your food and water. But these days, the food and water aren't really sufficient either. Conundrum for sure.

Suffice it to say, I had to rebuild myself from that deep exhaustion that set in after I left a toxic situation. I've been focused on supporting my health with minerals for over 9 years now and my health would not be where it is without them.

That shared, I...

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Praise & Testimonial: She Learned How To Detox Her Body


I am incredibly grateful for the amazing women I get to work with and support. Today I'm sharing Desiree's story of how she learned to take more time for self-care  AND overcame some major hurdles over the course of my fall detox.

Click on the image above to hear Desiree share what she learned and experienced during my Fall Detox.

Desiree's Biggest Challenges & Why She Chose To Do My Fall Detox

I wanted to do this because I had been feeling gross, eating junk all the time and I had just been giving in and giving in. I wanted to shift that pattern, but knew I needed some support and guidelines. I wanted to do just more than eat a strict diet and lose weight. I wanted to be able to include more self-care because that's something I struggle with. It's hard for me to slow down and take care of just me. So the timing on this was perfect for me.

I also was looking at this detox as a way for me to get past the struggles I was having with self-control in many areas of my life. I...

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Important: How Minerals Help You Cope Better In Life

How do you cope? I know it's not something we all feel comfortable talking about, but I believe it's an important conversation worth having. To cope better in life, you can't ignore your challenges you have to face them. But sometimes you may need a little understanding and support.

Listen to episode #93 : How Minerals Help You Cope Find A JOY TO BE ME on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

When I graduated the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2012, my eyes were opened to the decline in mental health and how nutrition played a big role. I was so impacted by this, that 3 of my colleagues and I created an online course called; A Calm Mind. We tackled how we believe we were supposed to have sense of well being and be better able to cope in life than we are today. We covered all the nutrient deficiencies quite thoroughly.

A couple years later,  I began to work with hair tissue mineral analysis in my practice, and saw the many connections to our ability to...

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