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A pledge of blind allegiance to 'vitamin' D

It's no secret I've got a big beef with how we over recommend vitamin D supplements.

To be fair, I don't like hyping up any single nutrient as a god unto itself.

It's not how nature intended for us to receive our nutrition and it loses it's full spectrum benefits and turns into a hazard in the human system. 

I shared a funny reel to show just how cult-y this whole excess vitamin D thing has gotten -watch it HERE

You can also go back and read my past posts on the blog about what treating this one nutrient as a god unto itself can do when taken in excess by itself for too long. 

Read; 'What you need to know to assess 'Vitamin D' more thoroughly' and  'How excessive vitamin D supplements can suppress thyroid function'. 

I went on to share in an Instagram TV video, a few more big picture ways to view this whole excess D taking conundrum. I promise you don't have to be REACTIVE about vitamin D in light of all the excessive talk about it this past year.

You can start today with simple steps and not fear that you are missing out on it. In fact, by starting today in the way nature intended and getting your sun sessions in -you won't put yourself at risk for overdoing it on the D. Watch that IGTV HERE.

The big take-away is to be proactive not reactive and thorough not myopic about single nutrient supplementation. Even if there is a 'pandemic'.  I shared another IGTV called; 'Let's get smarter about vitamin D' - if you take vitamin D and are not testing or take it just because you read it was good for you, please do yourself a favor and watch the video HERE

Did you know 'vitamin' D has co-factor nutrient friends and plays a big role in the entire mineral system. So, when you isolate it in high amounts you could be throwing off your mineral balance.

Mineral balancing is so key, it helps us to avoid serious health complications when we know how to approach minerals properly. This is a big reason I created my program: REMINERALIZE. To teach people how to approach minerals with balance in mind to enjoy the benefits and avoid all the health problems that ensue when we don't get our minerals right! 

If you want to recover or rebuild from wherever you are currently in your health journey - I invite you to join: REMINERALIZE. 

You'll soon be on your way to igniting back the spark you lost, who knows when, and get back to enjoying your life with newfound energy! 


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