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Why having a healthy microbiome matters

While most of the population lives in fear and trusts the main stream narrative, I’ll just be over here benefiting from huge huge advances in technology and science in relation to the human microbiome. 

Check out this video where I unbox a BiomeFX stool analysis and share what it is and why I love it. 

To have a healthy microbiome is to have optimal health yet no one alive has perfected this yet and it’s no wonder. We are exposed to more chemicals and toxins than ever before and decreasing food diversity and quality.

If you’re one of the deep divers and you want to dig in to your microbiome to optimize your health, keep reading. 

One of the most common trends I'm seeing in my practice as I review more BiomeFX results is low levels of good bacteria. 

In ones microbiome a low diversity of good bacteria can cause more issues than high levels of pathogens 🦠

And it’s far more common. 

It’s dysbiosis in the sense that the body does not have enough to work with for function and can set the body up for DIS - EASE. 

In this BiomeFX example [in an IGTV I did], there is low butyrate production and low propionate production. 

Essentially this correlates with intestinal barrier function, immune regulation, insulin sensitivity and more. Without high levels of these the gut won't make adequate short chain fatty acids. Short-chain fatty acids are produced by beneficial bacteria in your microbiome and they’re essential for your gut, body, and even brain health.

Systemic inflammation is going to be an issue in a gut with low diversity if it’s never supported. This is the type of dysbiosis that is more problematic even than the pathogenic dysbiosis because it will be a state of chronic low inflammation and absorption. Over time that scenario could lead to a whole host of problems. This is why having a healthy microbiome matters. It doesn't just happen by chance either. 

I also shared in another Instagram Live video, about why we all need to pay more attention to our gut health especially for those who have any history of anabiotic use.

I've been using a product that contains immunoglobulins which helps restore the functionality and integrity of the gut barrier. It binds antigens in the G.I. tract up to eliminate them which will remove immune system distractions and reduce allegenresponses. It also increases short chain fatty acid production to help quiet overactive mast cell responses. I’m personally using it to help bind mold and mycotoxins.

If you want to learn more about why having a healthy microbiome matters for your health and well being, head over and register for my FREE training; Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Body

If you are ready to get clearer answers on how to support your microbiome and find out if you have gut dysbiosis or pathogens or low diversity: I invite you to sign up for a BiomeFX Stool Analysis. You can get all the information as well as sign up HERE.


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