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PODCAST: Calcium supplements, are they harmful?

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People tend to think I’m against calcium, I’m not. 

What I am against  is what stands in direct attack of what I am for. 
Which is misinformation that leads to dysfunction, disorder or discomfort or "dis ease".

A reader on an Instagram post of mine asked ;  

“We always hear from holistic therapists that calcium supplements are considered harmful. So are mineral supplements (because of Ca in them) considered harmful as well?”

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First, let me say why I tend to warn about calcium being a problem. We are living in a calcified world. 
Magnesium controls electrical cell-to-cell communication allowing the correct amount of calcium to enter a cell to create cell contraction. 

This may be one of the hardest tasks for magnesium because the level of calcium outside our cell could be  thousands of times the safe level. 

Magnesium’s job becomes more difficult these days because of our history of adding calcium to fortify many many foods alongside of our current vitamin D supplement craze. Not to mention many people are still taking supplements with too much calcium. 

In a perfect world we need equal amounts of magnesium to calcium for this to work properly BUT because we collectively have had way too much calcium consumption, not enough magnesium consumption this poses a huge challenge. Plus the way the body holds excess calcium vs. magnesium is completely different. You can build up excess calcium but you can’t really do that with magnesium. 

A great video you can watch for some context is called : Balancing Calcium with Magnesium
This video demonstrates with animation the interaction of calcium and magnesium at a cellular level allowed inside the cell

A great book you can read to understand this better is called; The Calcium Lie by Dr. Thompson. 

I've done many episodes on calcium/magnesium, magnesium and vitamin D to help you realize this whole mineral balancing thing is quite a juggling act. A lot of what we've been doing has been wrong and we need to see it so we can correct it. I hope you find this short episode based on this question helpful on your own mineral journey. 


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