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PODCAST: Magnesium, hormones & Motherhood (+a heartfelt client story)

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In this episode I'm chatting about a few things you won't wanna miss. I share a mama bear cry and call to rise up and create health ( the future form of currency we all need to prioritize). 

You cannot give beyond what you yourself have to give : boundaries are essential and the not so sexy self care is non-negotiable. 

Listen to episode #120: Magnesium, hormones & Motherhood { +a heartfelt client story } - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

I also share, yet again, on magnesium with a call to action and a past episode you gotta check out. And a client wrote in her heartfelt gratitude and in this episode I'm sharing her story as well. 

Despite the fact that magnesium is almost as important for life as the air we breathe I still meet people daily who have no clue of it’s benefits and not only that they are living a magnesium burning way of life (sympathetic : adrenaline burns through magnesium we need magnesium to help us balance our hormones as everyone that comes to me seems to desire - my hormones are wonky. Good reminder since this is not being discussed enough. 

If you haven’t yet listened check out episode 61; Transdermal magnesium and endocrine function

It’s more of a joy to be yourself when you create health once you know better you BECOME better. Know better do better, let's shift this to BEcome better.  You are a human BEing not a doing. Life is now, enjoy it to the fullest! 


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