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PODCAST: How can I re-energize my body?

What women in burnout are struggling with is a collection of systemic body breakdown. It’s my job to take all the threads (aka: health concerns/healthy history) and weave them together into a tapestry (aka: plan) that gives you a big overview of your inner workings so you know where to start. 

Let's be honest, it's important you start and keep going because it's not overnight we can fix our total body meltdown. So many women spend years trying to figure out what's wrong with them. They go to countless providers and try countless different approaches that don't quite work. It can be so exhausting and overwhelming. I'm here to help women re-energize their entire system with a really great starting point. 

Listen to Episode #51: How can I re-energize my body? Where do I start? : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

Information without context is just data and it's not nourishing. 

I asked what questions my reader's had for me...

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PODCAST: Are your kids in burnout too?

In this episode, I shared about kids in burnout so more mommas can be better equipped. Even if you are a mom in burnout with kids in burnout, you can set a good example for your kiddos and help them recover too. I shared my story, some signs of burnout, why it's more common than we care to admit and what you can do about it. 

Listen to Episode #48: Are Your Kids In Burnout Too? : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

Over the years of working with other moms to help their kiddos I've seen a growing trend of burnout through hair tissue mineral analysis. To me this is no longer 'shocking' news. It's where we are at collectively in light of multiple factors. Understanding the big picture of what we are up against when it comes to our health and well being is so important. 

Once we understand this we can start to take action. Work to remove the roadblocks (poor nutrition, toxins, clean up our water, stress...) and include more of the building...

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How To Protect Your Health with Vitamin A

In my journey to recover from burnout and remineralize my body, as well as help my clients do the same, there have been so many nutrients that have helped me get back my spark. Vitamin A has been a key player. 

I did not grow up eating very many vitamin A rich foods (most of us here in the US didn’t). As I result, I struggled with things like; immune health issues; asthma, allergies, respiratory infections, constant thick mucus, skin issues (dry skin, red bumps on my arms and legs) and gut issues galore. As an adult I ended up with serious gut dysbiosis, eczema and a constant battle with keeping my immune system stable. 

It wasn't until I learned more about the fat soluble vitamins, including vitamin A thanks to my friend introducing me to Sally Fallon’s book; Nourishing Traditions. Which then led me to change our diet to more of an ancestral diet including high quality pastured eggs, raw milk/cream and ghee. As well as adding liver to our ground meat dinners...

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How to take a magnesium bath

It's no secret, I'm a big fan of minerals. One of the ways I teach my clients how to remineralize is through topical application. There are a number of ways and reasons to do this. 

Magnesium is the first one I recommend anyone get started with. In a recent post, I explained to you how magnesium helps to relax muscles. But it does so much more than that. 

Why Use Magnesium Transdermally?

The vast majority (if not everyone) of people today have a magnesium deficiency. Our soil has been depleted for so long, our food is too and most people do not get enough in the diet as it stands. It's also not in our water these days. Not to mention, many things easily deplete our tissue magnesium stores.

Taking oral magnesium supplements is often not enough to restore tissue levels of magnesium since we do not actually assimilate all that is ingested. So we must apply it topically to help rebuild (aka: transdermally). 

Why Magnesium Chloride Flakes Are Better Than Epsom Salts to...

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PODCAST: My Mold Recovery

The truth is there are many root causes of burnout and it can take time to find them and root them out. One of the big players in my own burnout was my long term exposure to mold, living in water damaged and musty homes for almost my entire life. 

Listen to Episode #43 My Mold Recovery : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

Mold can take your life down to the shitter- I am sharing this to help you get unstuck.

If you have 'tried everything' and are still struggling with a myriad of symptoms such as; chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, allergies, sinus congestion, pain and infections, GI issues, poor detox, hormonal issues, insomnia and more - it's possible chronic mold exposure is at work. 

On my podcast, I shared my own story of how mold affected my health and well being. Recovering from mold illness (and other co-infections) is not a quick fix. The good news is most of us can be restored to health, the bad news is that it takes time....

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How to declutter like a mofo and free up ENERGY

When someone finds themselves in burnout, the last thing they have the bandwidth for is reorganizing their entire life. However, it's the decluttering that clears space and frees up energy. Digging out of burnout may seem like a monumental task, but you know what they say; "how do you eat an elephant?"

Listen to Episode #42: How to declutter like a mojo and free up energy : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

One bite at a time is a great way to view decluttering. If we don't CHOOSE to create space we will only continue to weigh ourselves down stress. In my podcast episode, I talk more about decluttering and why January is a great month to do this. If you are heading into a new year already feeling burned out, this is your first step to set you up so you can climb out and stay out. 

One of the fastest ways out of stress, and to help keep it away, is to declutter your environment. Clutter causes anxiety and stress in many different ways. It also...

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Health & Wellness Wishes for the New Year

Tomorrow is a brand new year.

A brand new year many of us are hoping brings radical change in light of the year we’ve just had.  It feels like a good moment to truly think about your health and well being. If 2020 highlighted anything, it's both. 

Symbolically, the New Year is about a fresh start. A clean slate. A blank canvas. A second chance.

I think we all want second chances with something in our lives. As we look back over this past year, there are probably so many things we might wish we could have done differently. Things we were unprepared for, that now with hindsight we wished we had taken more seriously. Things we got totally wrong and could not fix.

Maybe a big health scare, a financial crisis, a loss or heartbreak. Perhaps some are grappling with what is their purpose in life.

And to make it all worse, we may even be feeling guilt or shame about the way things went down in our lives this past year. 

We may see our part and wish we could have done it...

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A year in review : What are you moving towards?


Me, I'm moving towards expanding my PLEASURE! 

Listen to the Podcast version of this blog post : Find: A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify Episode 41: A year in review: What are you moving towards? 

We are heading into a NEW YEAR,  but does that mean we have to suddenly FIX all the things in our life come January 1st. 

I’m not setting any New Year’s resolutions or buying some kind of 2021 planner or doing a cleanse or detox

Instead I’m reviewing the year as I always do, reflecting on what I learned and what I still want to learn more about and just moving more towards what lights me up!

I am remembering the freedom to be here and live an enjoyable life!

My purpose is to be in joy and reinvent fun, express who I am, inspire through my being - have fun. Life has already been way too heavy for far too long. 

No planning to fulfill my potential. I’m organizing around pleasure.

How about you? Are you tired of the pressure...

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Thoughts on finding the 'root cause' of burnout

There is not just ONE root cause
When it comes to burnout

If burnout had just one root
It wouldn’t be so powerful in taking you down in the first place
It would be easy to find and focus on and uproot


Burnout has multiple roots
Some SO deep and thick and strong
With others all tangled up in the mix

When someone says you need to find "THE" root cause
You may feel misled
I mean, sometimes “A” root of the cause is responsible for multiple offshoots

Rooting out 'the cause' is even more exhausting
Because there’s never just one

And no, there's no bandaids, quick fixes or overnight cures either
Once you come to terms with this, you'll relax more into a new way of life

A way of life that is FOR you
No longer in denial of your truest deepest needs

So to my burned out friends

Stay steady

Focus on the terrain of your life
Inner first, outer second

The environment you live in is everything
Let it be filled with light, energy, joy, nourishment

Increase your healthy...

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Burnout: Heal Your Body from Mineral Deficiencies Starting With Food First

It has become increasingly clear to me that one of the biggest obstacles people in burnout face is that the minerals are missing and their bodies can't run fully charged. The traditional system of health care for anyone facing burnout does not address this issue. 

Sooner or later, we figure this out and realize we must turn elsewhere to help heal our bodies in a more thorough way. 

Many people turn to their diet and start to clean it up and begin to feel better when switching to real, whole, organic, quality sourced foods. However, many realize it's difficult to go the distance with food alone.

There is a very valid reason for this. Our modern food has it's share of challenges, two of those being the incredible depletion of minerals as well as the increased toxicity of our soils. 

Once we realize this, we can get more thorough in our approach to food. We must source the best quality we can find to increase the demand for it's production. Then we must also learn how...

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