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Embody Gratitude & Watch Your Life Transform!

In this episode, I'm sharing an amazing way to transform your life and health. I've shared about it in the past on the blog but I believe it's truly time to revisit this. 

What is it? 


Listen to episode #99: Embody Gratitude & Watch Your Life Transform : Find on: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

This episode is super important - even if you think you intellectually KNOW about gratitude I encourage you to listen anyway. Repetition is the mother of all learning and knowing isn't the same as embodying.

There have even been studies done where scientists find that people who practice gratitude consistently are reaping many healthful benefits. When you practice gratitude, it really benefits your entire body and well-being.

I share more about that in this episode along with several tips and resources you can use to make this a habit in your life so it becomes a way of BEING for you!

Additional resources on gratitude for you: 

- Don't just...

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This Simple Practice Is The Key To A Joyful Life

I am not sure it's possible to express the immense feelings of love, joy, pride and gratitude I feel when I look at these two photos of my boys and I.

There is just something so powerful about being a mother. Something so incredibly rewarding when you look at the children you birthed and raised and see who they are becoming. It warms your heart to the point it feels like exploding.

And that feeling, is never just a one time feeling. It's a lifelong vibe you get to enjoy, if you choose to. The immense gratitude for everything you can possibly think of and imagine about what it means to be a mother, as well as the joy you take in creating life and watching it grow, is indescribable.

The same is true when it comes to actively appreciating anything and everything in your life. Expressing your gratitude for everything you can possibly think of fills you up to the point of bursting.

Over the years, I've practiced gratitude to the point it has become a way of life. It wasn't always that...

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