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SHE is powerful

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In this episode I shared a potent piece of writing that flowed through me this morning - I hope you find it encouraging as you listen or read. 

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They tried to silence and suppress her voice
Her curiosity would question
They would stifle
“Shh child stop asking so many questions”

Every time her wild child showed up she was dismissed

She would get sent to school with perfect french braids only to come home looking like she put her finger in a light socket
She could NEVER sit still
She was and is a tsunami in a teacup
A wild voracious force not meant to be sat down, shushed or tamed

The only safe place for her wild to be free was when she got lost in nature or hid out in her room

She’d wander the woods, creeks and climb in the trees
She’d make mud pies and sing to bugs
She’d create entire villages in the window peak cubby
of her third floor bedroom
ENTIRE worlds would come out of her imagination
The possibilities never ceased to flow through

She connected to god and source and the likeness of angels

Her inner wild was always with her, she never abandoned herself
She carried the flame within even while they tried to keep her at bay
And try they did, it was a dark mission of oppression that never seemed to relent

“She is SO obnoxious” was the cry of the elder suppressed women
When they should have seen her FIRE, her passion her insatiable hunger for living in her fullness - her ‘too muchness’
She is a born radiant leader warrior - is what they should have recognized but alas NO that would be a total mind fuck to their narrative

They didn’t nurture the divine in her
They couldn’t allow it for it was a mirror to their own suppression
A confrontation to what they too lost
If we can’t be in our fullness, she can’t either

The suppression grew and grew until she silenced her own voice
She stuffed it all down so much that it turned on her
Her body knew
It ached so much the pain permeated her as a whole
Swallowing her up
It began to consume her from the  inside out
Eating her alive

Her voice silenced
Her wild woman crushed
Her body left to turn on her for her spirit was in agony

The pain grew too big to bear over time

Thankfully her inner self never gave up
She, a warrior, knew her mission
She knew that she was meant for more
WHY would she be here for only this suppressed inflamed pain filled heart wrenching existence

It. Made. No. Sense.

She had to make sense of it
For she, who had entertained angels and visions of grandeur knew there was no way this was all to her life

Through rupture after rupture of life experience she began to emerge from this curse, this stupor of a spell that was overtaking her truth

She decided that there had to be more

She got mad
She began to use her voice
She began to use her words
She began to say FUCK no this is not all I’m meant for

Eventually that slow steady suppression of voice gone inward began to dissipate
She was no longer the girl in the corner silent for fear of not being enough or of being silenced again
NO she would now be seen and heard
She chose to embrace her more than enoughness
It was like putting on armor and heading into battle
It was not easy or fast it was arduous work but the battle was necessary
It was hard fought and won

BUT not just for her own sake
For all whose lives she would intertwine with
For the sake of her offspring and theirs
For all the lovers she would take and give herself over to
For all the souls who dared sit in her vast presence
Her energy became a force to be reckoned with
An unexplainable potent magic

Alchemizing the loss and pain that was not only hers but a collective wound
A wound that would take the most powerful healing salve radiated by many healed souls not just her own
Love poured out without measure 

A mother’s heart that is free to love without condition is the most powerful fucking force in the Universe. We must not let the mother’s heart and soul be crushed, silenced or suppressed.

We must honor her. Cherish her. Protect her. 



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