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PODCAST: Flow With Your Feminine Energy

In this podcast episode, I'm diving into how to flow with your feminine energy to avoid burning out trying to hustle in your 'masculine' energy too much.

The masculine energy likes to DO, and the feminine energy craves to just BE. If you've hung out with me at all on the podcast or social you'll have heard me time and time again encouraging women to stop DOING so much and start BEING more.

I personally got burned the heck out as a single mother and sole-preneur because I spent a lot of time learning how to operate in my masculine energy. It took me a long time to figure this part of my health out and when I did it brought so much relief. It freed up so much energy to allow myself to operate more in my natural energy which is my feminine energy. I began to FLOW in my life, work and relationships.

I have seen this tendency for the modern woman and mother to be very hyper-vigilant which is more of a masculine energy. Losing sight of the beauty and freedom to be more in their true feminine rhythm, women have increasingly become burned out.

In fact, when I realized this was part of my own health and life frustration and began to dig into the differences of the healthy masculine and feminine energies the concept for this podcast was born.

I wanted to bridge the gap for women to get back to the joy of being their true full feminine radiant selves. I really believe this polarity of energies can set you free as a woman and help you to recover from burnout.

While we all have access to both energies, we need balance. Women are usually more feminine. So I shared a few ways that you can help yourself radiate your feminine energy and get back into a natural flow.

Instead of go, drive, hustle mode that you eventually crash and burn trying to sustain. As a feminine energy it's not your focus to always be 'penetrating' life. The feminine energy is a receptive energy. It's important to find ways to get out of your head and into your body.

So, head on over to the podcast and give this episode a listen and let me know what you think.


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Now, I would love to hear from you... did this podcast episode land for you -have you gotten burned out by operating in your masculine energy too much? Share in the comments below…

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