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SHE is powerful

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In this episode I shared a potent piece of writing that flowed through me this morning - I hope you find it encouraging as you listen or read. 

Listen to Episode # 136 : SHE is powerful - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

They tried to silence and suppress her voice
Her curiosity would question
They would stifle
“Shh child stop asking so many questions”

Every time her wild child showed up she was dismissed

She would get sent to school with perfect french braids only to come home looking like she put her finger in a light socket
She could NEVER sit still
She was and is a tsunami in a teacup
A wild voracious force not meant to be sat down, shushed or tamed

The only safe place for her wild to be free was when she got lost in nature or hid out in her room

She’d wander the woods, creeks and climb in the trees
She’d make mud pies and sing to bugs

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PODCAST: Healing through sound

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On the heels of a beautiful sound healing retreat weekend and I wanted to share about the experience with you. I’ve used sound in many ways to support my own healing journey and now I recommend it to my clients as well - particularly those who are the most stressed out and have clear nervous system dysregulation causing more intense symptoms (such as anxiety).

Listen to Episode # 134 : Healing through sound (retreat recap) : Find - A Joy To Be Me : On - iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

In this episode I share a quick explanation of how sound has been used as medicine for healing throughout history and then talk about the different modalities I experienced at a retreat I attended this past week.

*I forgot to mention my friend Marty's beautiful native flute playing that started the whole thing off (sorry Marty). 


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PODCAST: How to tune into your own energy so you can live your best life?

In this podcast episode, I brought Cailee Anello back on the podcast just in time for the anniversary of our first episode together last year (Episode #7) . I was also a guest on her podcast; The Ripened Heart podcast; How mineral imbalances impact our personality, emotions and physical health

Cailee is a  human design reader with a background in psychology and homeopathy, she also trained with the Nutritional Therapy Association.

Having spent the last 8 years immersed in natural healing and the divination arts, her expertise lies in being an objective observer and intuitive guide for those who have become disconnected from their bodies and their purpose on the planet. She has a unique ability to make abstract concepts tangible and applicable to everyday life to facilitate the healing of mind, body, and soul.

Listen to Episode #52: How to tune into your own energy, so you can live your best live (with Cailee Aniello) : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio,...

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Your Breakdown Is The Way To Your Breakthrough

I’m going to get vulnerable with you about one of my own breakdowns, are you ready? I’ve had so many breakdowns in my lifetime but this is the story I trust you need to hear today.

It’s my story of shifting gears in my biz over the past 2 years.

A little backstory for those of you who don’t know me. I started a blog called Divine Health in 2010, which morphed into Divine Health From The Inside Out. It was a place I wanted to share what I was learning and to use as more of my ‘storefront’ for clients, online course and products.

You see, in 2007, I had a bit of an awakening to myself. In 2009, I got out of a volatile marriage. In 2010, I decided to pursue my passion of holistic nutrition. My intention for my website was to share more of the ‘inside out’ aspect of health, not just the science of nutrition.

I ended up going all in on the nutrition, health and real food path of blogging on my website. I was obsessed. In part because I was...

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