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Celebrating 2 years of podcasting + Digging into glutathione

I am Celebrating 2 years of podcasting on this heart opening day of honoring LOVE. 

If you haven’t listened to my first episode -go back and do so, it’s just under 20 minutes: Get your spark back!

I introduced my story and why I started this podcast for you! I share how I got my spark back after many years of deep burnout and why I’m SO passionate about pleasure!

That shared, in episode 104, I talk about an important piece in helping us all get our vitality -therefore spark, back or ignited.

Listen to Episode #104: Celebrating 2 Years ! + Digging Into Glutathione: Find: A Joy To Be Me; On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

Whenever I see patterns emerging in my conversations and my client work or research, I take note. One topic that has been coming up recently is; supporting the body to increase energy and detox better. A big piece is through glutathione production in the body so everything functions better.

We all need help detoxing today but how we approach this is key. We don’t need to do crazy juice cleanses or mucoid plaque cleanses or water fasts or any extreme thing that is not sustainable. Do that if you want, BUT it’s more important to understand how the body works and what we are up against so we can create a lifestyle approach to support our bodies in a toxic world and not need some extreme cleanse every new year, spring and fall -again; do those if you want but don’t do them thinking they are the be all end all : you will always be ‘cleansing’ that’s just what the body naturally wants to do and you can help it daily to that job better.

Unfortunately we live in a world bombarded by toxins at every turn, this is why we all could use some daily detoxification strategies. You really can't heal your body and increase your energy if you are not detoxing well. In order to succeed with overall health  your lymph,  liver, gallbladder, kidneys, skin all need our daily attention.

The amounts of chemicals we are exposed to are unprecedented in history; from the chemical food additives in our ‘food’ supply. Add to that the chemical burden caused by food sprayed with pesticides and from air and water pollution, you can see that our chemical burden is considerable.

Your body has systems designed to eliminate waste and to detoxify poisons. Your liver chemically converts toxins to be easily eliminated by your kidneys. Detoxification is an ongoing process. It's something your body is doing daily, but sometimes it can't do the job as effectively as it should.  

The sheer volume of chemicals in the environment and in the modern day diet has caused many people to reach their threshold of tolerance, which adversely affects their health. When your body is more burdened with more chemicals that it can efficiently detoxify, chronic health problems can occur. Problems like allergies, skin problems, digestive problems, headaches, fatigue, joint pain and a variety of ailments can be caused by chemical exposure.

This is why I focus on increasing gains to crowd out drains and identifying the ‘drains’ you can also remove/eliminate or decrease in your life. My friend Michale says its all about your gains and drains. I like simple visuals like that. The more drains you have the harder the body has to work to run it’s basic processes. Get rid of those drains and the body has more energy to run as it should - then there is less focus on crazy detoxes.

One amazing liver antioxidant and detoxifier we all can support is glutathione. It’s one of the best things to support in order to increase your energy and your life span. Maybe the fountain of youth does exist and it’s built in to us.

When we support our bodies ability to make glutathione efficiently we help the body rid itself of heavy metals, chemicals and other toxic substances

Glutathione must be made mainly by the body cells, rather than ingested as a supplement.  Although it can be taken orally or topically by injection or precursors such as cysteine can be taken by mouth, these do not work as well as helping your body to activate it naturally on it’s own.  It appears best if it is made within each body cell.

Cheap supplements are available but they do not prove to be as effective as supporting numerous cofactor nutrients or activator plant compounds (such as turmeric, milk thistle, green tea, ashwagandha or NAC). There are a lot of glutathione supportive real foods/herbs that are Nature's way of giving us long lives with health and vitality!

All cells make glutathione.  How­ever, it is found in high concentrations in the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, nerve tissue and the lens of the eye.

Glutathione plays many fundamental roles in metabolic and biochemical reactions, which I share in the episode. Get the whole picture in the episode! 

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