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Milk Thistle: A Must Have for your Holistic Medicine Cabinet

Over the past year, I’ve been upping my preparedness game to have a good store of ‘medicines’, along with foods, to support my family's health. I may talk about preparedness in an upcoming episode if y’all are interested do let me know.

In this episode, I talk about ONE of my faves for your family’s holistic medicine cabinet; Milk Thistle. 

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Herbalists and physicians alike used the milk thistle for hundreds of years to treat a wide range of liver pathology, including fatty liver disease, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and to protect the liver from environmental toxins. In this episode I dive into what it can do to support the body and how it can be used. .

Here is one great study I found - if you want to do more of your own research: 

Milk thistle has a short shelf life in the body. Several doses throughout the day are best to benefit from it effectively. 

I use it in clients with stubborn side effects that will take time to resolve with nutrition alone.

It functions best when taken before the liver encounters alcohol, chemicals, poisons, or other stressors.

Those with chemical sensitivities find it helpful to take a large dose of milk thistle seed tincture before venturing into difficult environments.

For chronic conditions, Milk Thistle must be taken over an extended period for efficacy, perhaps as long as two years.

There are currently no documented contraindications to using milk thistle. However, little information is available regarding interactions with drugs or medications. 
*Therefore caution is advised if you are on multiple medications

I like the tincture the best because I find it to be the most therapeutic potent option
It doesn’t taste all that great -so I suggest hiding it in a shot of tart cherry or cherry juice. But you don’t have to, you can just add it to some water in a shot glass and take your medicine. 

Start with 1 dose per day and increase once you know your body is okay with it. 
A dose of the tincture is 1-2 dropperfuls 2-4 times a day. There is no known overdose. 

Here are the milk thistle products I use and recommend: 

Herb Pharm tincture (my links)
- 1 ounce bottle 
- 4 ounce bottle 
Milk thistle emulsified (from Quicksilver)
Milk thistle glycerite - the best option for kids 

Eventually once you’ve worked with it long enough to know it will be a stand by in your household you can make your own tincture.


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