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PODCAST: Asking for help

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Getting the help we need shouldn’t be so damn hard. However, for many of us it is.

The truth is, society is not set up for our health & well being. We are all more collectively burned out than any of us cares to admit. We don’t want to admit it because we make it mean something bad about ourselves. We feel shame, grief, frustration . . . we feel like we just have to keep showing up saving face OR we can’t show our true mess or needs for fear of judgment or rejection. Perhaps we feel like we are being a burden. Perhaps we feel like people won’t really understand or be able to help us.

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The truth is, I myself have needed help for far longer than I’ve been willing to admit. As a single mom of four boys, what I really needed all this time was a community that would help me raise my sons....

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Your Breakdown Is The Way To Your Breakthrough

I’m going to get vulnerable with you about one of my own breakdowns, are you ready? I’ve had so many breakdowns in my lifetime but this is the story I trust you need to hear today.

It’s my story of shifting gears in my biz over the past 2 years.

A little backstory for those of you who don’t know me. I started a blog called Divine Health in 2010, which morphed into Divine Health From The Inside Out. It was a place I wanted to share what I was learning and to use as more of my ‘storefront’ for clients, online course and products.

You see, in 2007, I had a bit of an awakening to myself. In 2009, I got out of a volatile marriage. In 2010, I decided to pursue my passion of holistic nutrition. My intention for my website was to share more of the ‘inside out’ aspect of health, not just the science of nutrition.

I ended up going all in on the nutrition, health and real food path of blogging on my website. I was obsessed. In part because I was...

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