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PODCAST: Regenerative Farming Tour & Fat Soluble Vitamins

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I had an EPIC adventure to share with you about my visit with some friends to a farm I’ve been purchasing from for the past 8 years here in PA.

Listen to Episode # 130 : Regenerative Farming Tour & Fat Soluble Vitamins : Find - A Joy To Be Me : On - iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

In this episode I share about this adventure then talk about one of the biggest benefits these nutrient dense foods I buy give me, my top 3 fave foods from their farm and why as well as share briefly about regenerative farming -which is what we should all be in search of near us and quit shopping at the frickin box stores with fluorescent lights and ‘food like’ products. 

The cost to you and your health when you don’t source from farmer’s like Samuel is too great.
Have you ever heard the old adage; you can pay the farmer now or you can pay the doctor later?
You almost can’t put a price...

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