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How To Combat The 'Falling Off The Wagon' Mindset

Over the years of my work as a Nutritional Therapist, I’ve had many clients come to their sessions telling me that they kind of ‘fell off the wagon’ with their healthy eating. Or I've had people tell me before doing my detox, that they were fearful they wouldn't be able to stay the course without 'falling off the wagon'.

It might be the #1 shame and fear most people have when it comes to establishing good habits around eating well for their health.

First off, I want to expel the myth of the wagon. It doesn’t exist.

There is no wagon, there is only choice and a path. Your path is your journey and it's up to you to choose the trajectory of that path. How bad to you want where that path is leading you to is the real question. If you falter, will you choose to get back up and keep going?

What people are usually referring to is that that feel they won’t perfectly sustain whatever dietary framework they’ve been recommended OR they chose for themselves....

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You Deserve To Take The Best Care Of Yourself Every Day

Hey girl, are you overwhelmed and exhausted from constantly “powering through” and pushing yourself?

Then listen up… I’m here to give you a little pep talk and some ‘tough love’. And by all means, if there is a better way to say 'tough love' -please let me know, 'cause I’ve shied away from it in the past myself feeling it as criticism and judgement. That’s not what I want to relay… I want to relay LOVE about something you need to hear, but maybe aren’t willing to see it fully or say it to yourself yet.

I speak to and work with women weekly/daily who feel so frustrated and burned out… this is an epidemic that women collectively face and a pattern women choose to continue and perpetuate and it has to stop.

I talk a lot about self-careI write about it, I share my own story, I post memes about it.

Today, I want to dig into it a bit further because self-care is more than just doing some nice things for yourself,...

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Praise & Testimonial: She Learned How To Detox Her Body


I am incredibly grateful for the amazing women I get to work with and support. Today I'm sharing Desiree's story of how she learned to take more time for self-care  AND overcame some major hurdles over the course of my fall detox.

Click on the image above to hear Desiree share what she learned and experienced during my Fall Detox.

Desiree's Biggest Challenges & Why She Chose To Do My Fall Detox

I wanted to do this because I had been feeling gross, eating junk all the time and I had just been giving in and giving in. I wanted to shift that pattern, but knew I needed some support and guidelines. I wanted to do just more than eat a strict diet and lose weight. I wanted to be able to include more self-care because that's something I struggle with. It's hard for me to slow down and take care of just me. So the timing on this was perfect for me.

I also was looking at this detox as a way for me to get past the struggles I was having with self-control in many areas of my life. I...

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