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Practical Solutions for EMF Protection


In this episode, I chat with my friend Brian Hoyer and EMF expert. We cover all the forms of EMFs we are currently exposed to, and how to reduce exposures. Why we want to reduce exposures and how this impacts our health.

Watch through the video player in the blog post above or on YouTube HERE

Years ago when Brian was in my area of Southeast PA, we created a couple of videos. You can check those out HERE ( How to get better sleep and improve your health ), HERE ( Why Microwaves are bad for you ) and HERE (How to eat healthy on the road ). 

Grab a refreshing mineral rich beverage and be ready to take copious notes : this is like a mini course for those who want to start taking immediate action steps. 

Brian goes over what he calls the 3 D's: 

- Downtime (sleep, eat, detox)
- Duration (of exposure)
- Distance (from source of exposure)

He also shared a few resources while we chatted. Two books mentioned were; Boiled Frog Syndrome and EMF'd by Dr. Mercola. As well as a
rticles on Near Infrared Light and Melatonin.

Brian's take-away mantra: just stay positive and support one another, there is a lot of information and it can be overwhelming. Just take ONE thing and try it, like turning off your wifi at night. Set a goal, have it in mind and implement it right away and you'll start to see some differences. Try something, even a little thing. Start somewhere. 

Learn more about Brian and his work:

Brian's EMF course:
Brian's Home Assessments: 

Here’s to your health,

By: Lydia Joy
W/O prejudice: all rights reserved

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