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How To Overcome 'Energetic Clutter' From Burning You Out

Are you getting burned out by all the things you take into your life that seem like you want to pursue but they just load up like too many plates you have to spin?

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As a multi-passionate, creative entrepreneur, I've found it quite easy to let the fire of my drive and hunger consume me in a way that leads to burn out.

And I've seen this very pattern in the women I coach, as well as the students I teach.

BURNED OUT with no energy to pursue what you really want!

It starts with an excitement for what is possible. However, that excitement without boundaries or clarity can end up becoming too much of a good thing. It becomes excessive energy, TOO MUCH to carry.  Which leads to overwhelm, exhaustion and the metaphorical 'spinning too many plates syndrome'.

What happens is then you end up not being able to focus, because your energy is leaking out in way too many ways and directions.

Where there is no focus or boundaries, enthusiasm can cause you to self-implode (ask me how I know).

I've done this myself, many times. As a creative, visionary and multi-passionate entrepreneur I have more ideas than I can contain (I'm like a tsunami in a teacup). I  also happen to have so much empathy it can sometimes consume me. I care too damn much sometimes. Maybe you can relate.

Over the 9 years I've been in the online space, I've found myself side-tracked by my many passions. I end up taking on too much (hello, bright shiny object syndrome), over-extending myself and burning the eff out.

I've had to constantly realize this pattern exists.  Then see when I need to take a step back to see the big picture. Really see what it is I truly truly want.

When I do this process with myself and my clients, it's easy to realign. So I can clear all the energetic clutter and get back to focus on what is most important to move me towards my vision.

Passion is a beautiful thing but when it's not harnessed or given some boundaries, it can burn out of control. It's kind of like igniting dry kindling (twigs, sticks) instead of logs in a safe container.

Have you ever felt this way? Burning out of control by your multiple passions?

Fire will burn out if it's not tended to with care. So, what happens is there are so many negative consequences that you might not be thinking about until it's too late and you are already burned the eff out. When what you really truly want is to have ENERGY to do this thing beautiful thing you love.

The same is true for you as you pursue your passion. Whether it's starting a new holistic health practice or becoming an entrepreneur or just finally starting your passion project. What ever it is you are desiring to do in this world and create to make an impact, because you have a purpose and a passion that you want to share. It's not so much about the how, it's about the why.

What happens is if you ending up burning out from all the excess energetic clutter in your life, you won't be able to actually do the things you really want to do. You'll retract. Feel emotional overwhelm. You won't be able to help people.

Burn out is a real thing. So you want to tend to your initial passion and fire with care.

Anyone who has ever learned how to properly burn, care for and tend to a fire, knows that it has to be contained. It has to be in a safe container. It needs certain factors, boundaries in order for it to be an effective fire that is useful, helpful, comfortable, beautiful and not destructive.

The same is true for you in whatever your passion project is.

If you want to sustain growth and move towards your vision, you have to have a clear WHY.
You have to know WHY it matters to you. Deeply.

Then you have to take that step back and really look at it, get clear, so you can sit down and look at everything in your life right now that is cluttering it up. That's holding you back, pulling you down. Like a metaphorically weight that you keep adding to that you can't carry and eventually will fall on the ground because it's all just too heavy.

I know all of this because I've done all of this myself. After 9 years of being in the online space as an entrepreneur with this being my sole work and purpose. As well as helping other women getting started in their online holistic health practices.

My personal experience is you literally can't burn the candle at both ends. Women tend to be so overly responsible, carry way too much and live in hyper-vigilance. Too responsible instead of counter-balancing that responsible energy with a balance of what you want and what you personally need to sustain the growth necessary. In other words, an embodied energy of self-care.

What I have personally mastered is, constantly going back to my vision, finding what's in the way of it and clearing the energetic clutter (whether it's physical, mental, emotional or spiritual).  Re-aligning. Seeing what is in the way, letting it go, re-negotiating my boundaries.

It's a constant practice of giving to myself the nurturing time necessary. When I give myself that space and time, I'm clearer on what needs to go. As well as what I need to say no to so that I'm  not burning myself out. So I'm showing up in my purpose, helping the people I need to be helping. Which is incredibly fulfilling. It's energizing in and of itself. You don't have to go overboard with that, because you can burn yourself out all over again.

What I've seen in my clients and students is a tendency to take on too many extraneous things that  you think you need to do or have that you really don't. Things that are not truly serving their big vision and ultimate purpose.

An example would be, taking several different online courses at once because they are awesome and thinking you'll be better because of them all. Rather chewing, digesting and assimiliating one new thing at a time, become masterful at it, then move on and take on more.

So, if you have ever felt the 'spinning plate mode' or 'burning the candle at both ends'...

I'm curious, what are your challenges with this? Have you ever struggled with this?

When we realize we are not alone in this pattern, it can help you to get out of your way and know it's common. It will help you get out of self-pity and self-judgment mode and observe how others have worked through this very thing.

Then once you see it with eyes of compassion you can move past it.

At the end of the day, you can choose to take personal responsibility to get out of the pattern.
Cause you just can't operate at your best in burnout. You won't be able to help the people you are meant to help in burn out.

It's important to recognize and see this and take that responsibility toward action. Even to start with baby steps to move you in the right direction.

When you see this in yourself and you can calm that fire down a little bit and put it in a safe container. What you are doing is honoring how you feel about it and allowing your emotions to be felt to be heard to be seen. Then you can release what is unnecessary, so you can keep going. Heavy emotions will clutter up your energy and weigh you down, keeping you stuck in burnout. And let's be honest, burn out doesn't serve anyone!

I've written about this previously on the blog in my post; "How to Clear Your Clutter and Transform Your Life." I also have a powerful training you can check out here; "How you can recover from burn out so you can start living your life vibrantly again".

Now I would love to hear from you...  If you've ever felt this way and know you are at the effect of energetic clutter burnout. What can you do next? Not, what can you take on, but what can you let go of.  It can be so simple that when you realize what it is and make that little shift, you might be amazed with how that frees you up. Let me know in the comments below...

If you'd like more support beyond this post, I do work with women one on one. I have a very simple step for you, sign up for a breakthrough session with me. This session is an incredibly powerful life changing time. I'll help you recognize and see the energetic clutter that's leading to burnout for you. So you can breakthrough your own limitations and get back to your purpose with newfound energy.


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