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PODCAST: Bio-individuality (there are no one size fits all nutrition approaches)

In this episode, I talk about bio-individuality. A fundamental concept that I was taught when I attended the Nutritional Therapy Association and how I approach supporting all my clients. Bio-Individuality can help us embrace the profound beauty of a flexible, integrative approach to nutrition.

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While we humans share many similarities, nature created each human being as their own unique microcosm. We are more remarkable for the ways we differ than for the ways we are alike.

Understanding the concept of bio-individuality as it relates to you will free you from the lunacy of the media saying one day that, greens are good for you, and the next day – they're bad for you. One day, coffee is helpful to keep you regular, and the next, it can kill you. Meat causes cancer vs. eating high amounts of meat is the only way to weight loss.

Giving our power away to external sources and one-sided sweeping generalizations is not only insane, but it diminishes our own inherent intuition as to what our unique bodies need to heal and thrive.

Our ancestors knew to keep it simple, gathering local, organic foods that were in season – but we're now distracted with foods coming from all over the world no matter what season it is. We've got a rash of chemicals and GMOs in our food supply that never existed before and a very real need for convenience that truly presses us to the point of adversely affecting our health choices.

It's so important not to lose touch with your body's natural instincts. Maybe some of you need to get in touch for the first time ever and how you do that is by tuning in -not by tuning out to all the messages broadcasted on the daily about nutrition. 


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