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How I Created An Empowering Winter Vision Board

A vision board is a way to create a powerful visualization practice.

My first ever vision board I did a few years back, was when I decided to start living much more intentionally. Instead of feeling held back, I chose to break free from the old ways of thinking that were keeping me stuck. And boy, what a journey that has been.

I decided that instead of waiting for life to happen to me, I wanted to happen to life. What a shift that mindset was, let me tell you. While I can’t say I embodied that mindset overnight, what I can say is that it has led me to a greater experience of self-actualization.

My vision board from 2016 helped me take my breakdown and turn it into a breakthrough. You can read my first vision board post here and follow along with my progression.

Last year (2018), I decided to do a quarterly vision board. I love doing it this way now, instead of once a year, because it gives me a chance to shift with the seasons. Every season I feel is a new opportunity for...

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