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Things I won't be doing for my health in 2022

I've got a pep talk for you in the episode. It's short and sweet. As we transition into a new year, we get to be aligned, tuned in and in touch with our own healing needs.

Come hear what I won't be doing and what I will be doing instead. I encourage you to consider this message as you gear up to make the transition into a brand new year. Here we go!

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Things I won’t be doing for my health in 2022. . . 

Drinking my urine, cold plunges, eating only meat, eating only vegetables, focusing on fasting a lot, living afraid of ‘germs’, trusting ‘the experts’,

You can do any of those things if you want to. 

I just won’t be. 

I’ll continue to ditch all the dogma and focus on what intuitively feels right to me. 
The good news is, nature knows best if we learn nature’s patterns, rhythms and...

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Abundance Is What Happens When You Choose To BE YOURSELF

abundance mindset self love Feb 02, 2019

*Note: Listen to the podcast episode of this post here.

Abundance is on my mind lately.
It’s a word that I’ve learned to redefine.

It starts with tapping in YOU, into an internal sense of self-approval.

And all of your glorious unique magnificence my dear ones.

Let’s discuss, shall we?

You see, I believe that abundance is what happens when you CHOOSE to unabashedly BE fully your complete fabulous self. And you can only BE fully you, after you have accepted the youness of YOU. Every ounce and inch and nuance of your complete whole self & life.

After all, there is No one alive who is youer than you!  (...thanks Dr. Seuss).

Holy shizz buckets my friends, that may seem a tall order but it’s a necessary one. Here’s why...

Self-approval is incredibly important because no triumph in life will fuel you for the long run if you are only operating on the external approval of others. I know for a lot of us, this is uncharted territory. Scary even.


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