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Things I won't be doing for my health in 2022

I've got a pep talk for you in the episode. It's short and sweet. As we transition into a new year, we get to be aligned, tuned in and in touch with our own healing needs.

Come hear what I won't be doing and what I will be doing instead. I encourage you to consider this message as you gear up to make the transition into a brand new year. Here we go!

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Things I won’t be doing for my health in 2022. . . 

Drinking my urine, cold plunges, eating only meat, eating only vegetables, focusing on fasting a lot, living afraid of ‘germs’, trusting ‘the experts’,

You can do any of those things if you want to. 

I just won’t be. 

I’ll continue to ditch all the dogma and focus on what intuitively feels right to me. 
The good news is, nature knows best if we learn nature’s patterns, rhythms and study our ancestral ways we have a pretty good guide. 

Also, the good news is; 


So if you are feeling the ‘pressure’ to conform to some health preaching  or mainstream dogma.Feel free to DITCH IT and shift back to trusting yourself.

To be able to trust yourself again you’ve gotta let go of assuming ‘the expert’ is outside of you. That someone else knows better what is best for you. Nope.

Get curious. Then go within to hear your own inner wisdom.

How do you go within? That’s entirely up to you. 

You just need to give yourself space to tune in. Shut out all the distractions so you can actually hear your inner wisdom speak (it may not be an audible voice -rather more of an inner knowing). How we all ‘hear’ our inner wisdom will be different.

IT IS totally ok to go to the tribe you trust to help clarify your inner wisdom.
It’s just not okay to give your own power away and assume others know better.
Others can support you with a different perspective you may need but they can’t replace your inner wisdom.

So in 2022 we stop giving our power away to any authority and become our own inner authority.

We also find our tribe: whether in person or online and we allow them to support us, be a mirror, share different perspectives - but then we still need to take that and sift it through our own intuition.

Are you ready? Here we go…


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