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This Is How You Step More Fully In To Your Radiating Power

Ladies, listen up! This is how you step more fully in to YOUR radiating power!

What on earth is your radiating power you ask?

Let me explain.

Self-Empowerment & Purpose

I believe every woman can be empowered. She can exude confidence and independence. She knows how to direct her energy wisely and she believes in her own capabilities. Her greatest skill in life is knowing that she is an empowered creator.

A woman radiating her own power is ready to take action, the right action. Not out of stress, but out of purpose and intention.

She pays attention to what she already has, shows gratitude and uses her gifts instead of letting them gather dust. She doesn't sit around waiting for life to happen to her. SHE gets the fuck out there and SHE happens TO life.

That's when she's radiating her true full power!

She also knows she is capable of unlimited potential and creativity. She trusts that the Universe (God/Spirit -whatever you want to call it) has her back, but that doesn't make her passive, it allows her to be an active co-creator of her own reality and life. She is walking purposefully through her own life. She embraces that she has strengths and weaknesses, but she is not afraid of her 'shadow'. She learns from all aspects of herself.

This my friends is radiating your own power. When you know how to enter your sacred space and bring spiritual energy into the world of matter and reality (aka: your every day life and eve the mundane tasks in life). And this power my friends, is a gift to those around you and can bring so much healing to society.

If that gives you chills and excites you, awesome. If you read that and vibed hard but realized you aren't 'there yet'; keep reading.

Transformation & Balance

I've spent many years trying to step into my own radiating power and I can tell you it can be a super huge mind eff at times. What I have learned though, as I see myself grow and step more into my highest potential is that I must accept and love my whole self. Every part of me, completely. My light and shadow. My ego and my spirit. It's that whole 'yin' and 'yang' concept of energy that you and I must embrace to be truly empowered.

Because as a human being, you and I are naturally a mix of contradictions: love and anger, light and dark, pessimism and optimism. 

Here's the thing; that equilibrium is the key to your well being. 

Transformation. By bringing together all of those different polar opposite energies in just the right proportions, something wonderful can emerge. 

Instead of gravitating towards extremes, you can establish an ability to work with ALL of your inner contradictions. You can create your own magic when you skillfully blend those contradicting elements of your psyche.

When you embrace your contradictions, oh my goodness this is where the magic happens my friends. This is where your true power lies and can show up radiantly.

Instead of expecting yourself to fall into only one extreme way of being (either a perceived weakness or a strength), let yourself be all that you are – even when those things seem to clash. I call that a beautiful 'mess', just like nature is.

You see, you have the ability to temper all of your inner energies so that they work together to form a unique, powerful blend. Do you believe that?

Facing Your Inner Critic & Demons

Here's where your potential negative Nelly mind starts to scream her inner chatter at you. Or some call her; your inner mean girl or inner critic.

Maybe you read all the empowering stuff I shared above but your attention was drawn more to where you feel trapped, restricted or blocked because you sure as heck don't feel like you've stepped into your radiating power yet.

But your inner critic (that feeling of negativity and entrapment), she just wants to keep you 'safe' and 'comfortable'. Problem is; safe doesn't let you radiate your true super powers. Safe is the equivalent of stuck. The safe zone, isn't the growth zone.

So, you get to learn how to shift your inner critic. Face your inner demons -don't avoid them. Because in order to bring your life back into balance, it's better to face those demons head on. The truth is, you are only as free as you believe you are. So if you empower that inner mean girl and let her voice be too loud, you won't feel like you can step into your radiating power.

You are only trapped if you think you are. Your thoughts can keep you imprisoned. They can hold you back from taking the right positive actions. If you don’t admit this or address this, it will become more and more painful and difficult to overcome. It will require more drastic measures. It will feel like a pervasive weed that's roots are so deep you can't get them all out easily.

So, to step fully into YOUR radiating power, your gifts, your strengths, your empowered self; you need to believe in yourself, accept all aspects of yourself and learn how to integrate all of you for your highest purpose.

There are so many ways you can do this; practice gratitude, start a journal, learn to meditate, invest in a coach or mentor, create a vision board and take action on it, learn to tap into your emotions in a healing way, read empowering books (one example that's a fun read is; "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincero), forgive yourself, create space for your own self-care and be so loving to yourself like you would your own child or best friend or lover. Because you my dear, are beyond worth it!

I empower women to shift out of overwhelm, uncertainty and breakdown into more confident, thriving and balanced lives – body, mind, soul.

I help women create, cultivate and sustain their own transformation and growthI’m all about diving deep and doing the inner work to transform your outer life. I’m all about radical self-love  – making the deep-down, heartfelt changes so you feel really, really good…If you are too, then let’s make magic together! Book Your Breakthrough Session With Me Today!

Now, I'd love to hear from you! In the comments below, let me know what, if anything, has been stopping you from stepping into your full radiating power?

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