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Praise & Testimonial: She Learned How To Own Her Worth

Self-Love is an imperative topic to explore and delve into for anyone who wants to heal deeply and enjoy life as fully as possible.

Self love is a regard for your own well being and happiness. It's a personal responsibility to give this kind of love to yourself, instead of hope others will give it to you. It's you learning to love yourself without condition, to value yourself and accept you are already worthy of that kind of love.

This means you accept and love yourself no matter what, when you do things you think are good and when you do things you think are bad. Because at the end of the day you are a human BEING, already worthy already whole that deserves love. You are not a human doing, who is only worthy when you do good and unworthy when you do what you or others perceive as bad.

That is an old paradigm of thinking, black and white, conditional -based on merit, based on knowledge of good and evil. It's not real love. Real love is unconditional.

To love yourself means you get to accept yourself always, even when you may feel unworthy in your own eyes.

Your ability to create the space and energy for your own health and growth depends on how you value yourself.

With busy lives, families and in our culture we often forget to acknowledge others and ourselves! Today I want to remind you to acknowledge your worth and all the great things about you. This will also help you so you can create healthy boundaries around what it is you want. So you can crowd out what is not serving your highest good.

I've shared about this countless times and countless way. If you need some support on this today, so you can truly deeply care for yourself because you are SO worth it; this post I wrote on self-care is a must read.

Helping women to step into their worth is at the core of my mind-body coaching work. It's the work I had to do for myself that allowed me to feel free to fully be myself and heal so much more deeply than I could when I didn't believe I deserved better.

Today I want to share an example with you of a woman who also learned how to own her worth.

Meet My Client, Anthea

Anthea and I met at Bareburger in Philadelphia while she was going through the Nutritional Therapy Association training. We connected instantly and I knew right away she had so much magic in her soul to share with the world.

She originally reached out to me for help to support her health goals, to gain freedom from overwhelm, exhaustion, change her inner dialogue and learn how to create time for more self-care. She wanted natural help for healing her thyroid and help overcoming the inner battle over weight loss.

She also really wanted to be a good example to her 3 small children. She wanted them to be able to see her be a strong and healthy person. And, that putting yourself first is not only okay, but important and necessary. 

We worked together over the course of 4 months, every session digging a little deeper so she could keep progressing instead of staying stuck or sabotaging her goals. What we dug into was incredible and so powerful. I am so proud of her for doing the inner work and really taking ownership for her health and life. She really went from surviving to thriving. Not perfect mind you, but making progress and feeling so much lighter inside and fueled with confidence.

I asked Anthea if she would share her thoughts about her time coaching with me. Here's what she shared.

What was your biggest challenge before coming to see me?

Realizing my worth. Accepting that I deserve to heal. Finding the time to care for my family but also myself.

Why did you choose me as your practitioner?

You’re a ray of sunshine. You have a way of seeing a person at their core before you even speak to them. You are so easy to connect to. You are a warrior and I admire you. I want to be more like you. What better way to learn how to be a badass mama than from the baddest-ass mama out there!!

What were 2 of your BIGGEST take-away moments and how did you apply them specifically in your life?

That when I heal for myself, I am also healing and doing the hard work for the thousands of women I hope to help. Also that I am worthy of health, I always have been and I always will be. No matter what.

What did my program do for your health and life specifically?

It helped me to internalize and accept that reaching a certain goal isn’t what is going to make me love myself. Loving myself, however, will get me to whatever goals I set for myself.

Most importantly, address any fears you feel that someone might have if they were in your shoes before you took action in this way. NOT just about investing in themselves, but in stepping up and taking action too!

Fear was a major factor for me. Fear of success and the responsibility that comes with it. Fear of being rejected due to being in a healthier mental and physical space. Fear of people putting me down for pursuing better things for myself. I am so grateful you helped me get past that so I can stop letting fear consume and control me and instead be the sunshine and fire that I am meant to be. Thank you. A million times, thank you!

She went from overwhelmed to confident that she had the inner resources to help herself keep moving towards her health and life goals.

Now, I would love to hear from you... have you struggled with believing you are worthy of a healthy body and mind?  Did Anthea's story resonate with you in any way? Share in the comments below…

Real talk...
I want every woman to own her worth so she can finally make those lasting changes for her health, body and life.

If you are ready to overcome burnout and  emotional overwhelm so you can get back to fully enjoying your life and pursuing your passion, I invite you to book a breakthrough session with me today. We'll get on the phone and discuss your happiest outcome for your health and dreams right now, and if I believe I can support you in that, I'll share how.

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