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VIDEO: Minerals Protect Us From EMFs


I wanted to share a couple of cool things with you real quick

First a quick win story from a single mom of two little girls. She had been having a lot of difficulty at bedtime getting the girls to settle down to go to bed, stay in bed and fall asleep. It was beginning to take its toll. I suggested she try putting the ReMag balm on their feet before bed. She finally got back to tell me: it worked like a charm. The girls are going to bed peacefully now.

Before they would do the whole drag bedtime thing out, and this poor single momma was getting quite frazzled because that was her own decompress time. If you haven’t tried out the ReMag Balm yet, you can grab some
HERE. Use code: LydiaShatney on your first order to save 10%

Another benefit of magnesium in light of a pending topic I’ll be discussing with my friend Brian Hoyer, an EMF expert, on the podcast this week : is EMF protection.

Something to note that no one seems to be talking about while working on EMF protection solutions

5G can increase intracellular calcium.

This can increase your risk of contracting viruses, as well as cause inflammation, blood coagulation and thrombosis (do those symptoms sound familiar?)

Adding to the fire, taking supplemental vitamin D (which became even more trendy these past 2 years) can drain your magnesium reserves and increase your calcium levels. Something I am VERY outspoken about and for good reason. 

Magnesium and minerals help protect us from 5G

An easy start is to try out a topical magnesium before bed -such as the ReMag Balm I just mentioned and turn off your wifi in your bedroom at night (get your sleep space clear of EMFs as much as possible).

Brian will go into more tips and solutions in this week’s podcast episode for you, so stay tuned. But you can take some simple steps now to reduce harm: magnesium, minerals, reduce exposure to wifi in your home.

Here’s to your health,

By: Lydia Joy
W/O prejudice: all rights reserved

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