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An entire industry wrong about vitamin D

It’s that time of year… the time where here in the north we can convert sun into vitamin D through our skin in our bodies.

And I figured, it’s as good a time as any to review some things around ‘vitamin’ D.

In the past 7 years since I’ve been doing this work and educating on the hazards of supplementing vitamin D, not much has changed in the mainstream (in fact nothing has).

Perhaps a small ‘fringe’ growing minority asking better questions and trying to get to the root causes instead of slamming a high dose of supplemental D and calling it ‘good’.

One such root is LIMITED testing and LIMITED answers to perceived low levels.

The real answer is not pat. The real answer to your unique vitamin D production and physiological needs lies in asking WAY more questions. And cleaning up your whole lifestyle, environment and remineralizing your body so you can also detox more effectively.

Did you know that vitamin D can increase heavy metal absorption?
Hmm, how come your doctor never mentioned that?

Cause, they don’t even question the narrative (most of them at least) and that should alarm the heck out of us but sadly it does not.

So, if you hear the ‘rant’ in my tone it’s not personal… It's emphatic because we all deserve better.

I’ve written about this before and have a few episodes on the matter if you want to revisit those go HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE.

But real quick, let me sum up a few things to consider instead of assuming low 25-hydroxy (stored) D levels that your doctor says are low mean you should just take more D

1. You need more magnesium and/or you get too much calcium
2. You need more minerals in a broad array (like lil ole boron for example)
3. You have decreased glutathione levels
4. You are exposed to increased air pollution (hello chemtrails)
5. You have increased toxin exposure (gee thanks plastic for all those phthalates)
6. You have a significant heavy metal body burden, particularly lead
7. You avoid the sun (oops that should be first, duh)
8. You use sunscreen when you are in the sun instead of practicing safe sun exposure

The thing is, you may find that list above ‘overwhelming’ and cave and think just taking the supplement will be easier. BUT, all of the above are likely contributing to ill effects in other ways than just a low stored level of ONE SINGLE hormone/nutrient via blood. 

GAH it’s so completely lacking it’s not even funny.

We all deserve better. Not everyone will want to do the work. But far be it from me to gloss over things like allopathy does, because it’s not with first do no harm in mind. I’ve seen harm done in many bodies from high dose D (such as extreme calcifications). To me, it’s worth taking our time to get educated so we can make informed decisions, not reactive poorly informed ones.

This is something I educate all my clients on in my HTMA coaching program. I have an entire lesson devoted to it and suggest it's a 2 year process to learn how to effectively implement things around this piece of one's health (which affects the whole human system).

It’s just one of the many things I teach in my client program to help educate on this. It’s my double virgo nature to take folks on a deeper dive into how the body works, how nature works so we can UNlearn a lot of the concepts we’ve learned and RElearn with synergy in mind. No nutrient stands alone or acts alone.


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