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PODCAST: Mindful (Impactful) Movement with Master TTapp Trainer Margaret Barry

In this episode I have a very fascinating and empowering conversation with my colleague Margaret Barry about mindful but impactful movement with TTapp.

Since many of my clients come to me in a state of burnout or chronic fatigue, talking about appropriate effective movement is a must have conversation. Too much or too little while ignoring the lymphatic system and fascia is very common. 

Listen in to learn the myriad of benefits from this modality of movement- that saves you time, does not require a gym or equipment, increases bone density, targets multiple muscles with each move, pumps your lymph, helps keep your fascia smooth and can benefit anyone. 

I had so much fun talking to Margaret, my inner nerd was so turned on learning all about the body in such a holistic way. This episode is one to listen to more than once. Enjoy!


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Find more info about Margaret and her work:


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