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This Is The Magic Key To Unlock Your Overwhelm For Good

Let's be honest, most of you are on a quest to feel at home within yourselves. You are looking for answers outside of yourself and feel incredibly overwhelmed as you reach for inner peace, joy and clarity. You are looking for a magic key to unlock the door to feeling stuck for good.

I sure was for most of my life.

Even still, if I listen to my own unkind, perfectionist, inner chatter that tries to inundate me with self-doubt - and forgetting WHO I REALLY AM - I can get totally side-lined and overcome with crippling overwhelm. How about you?

I shared more of my own story about turning my overwhelming breakdown into my breakthrough and how learning radical self-love was the catalyst, in a recent podcast. Be sure to check that out HERE if you haven't already.

Overwhelm is incredibly dis-empowering. It's negative impact shows up in every area of your life when it's allowed to run rampant. Society does perpetuate this if we think we have to fit into it's norms, but I think it goes deeper...

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Why Winter Is The Best Time To Slow Down

Life is full of challenges. It’s a beautiful chaotic mess of ebbs and flows.

One thing I’ve learned over the years after facing many challenges (as a single mom in burnout), not only the ones life throws at you, but the ones you face on purpose to stretch, grow or overcome something is the incredible importance of REST.

I feel like I can’t express this enough.

You have to recharge your energy before the next challenge begins, so you are refreshed. Even if you feel super driven or motivated, you can’t always be in production mode. It’s so important to take time out from the busyness of life to restore your energy. This is the only way you can really heal your body and mind.

Listen to podcast version of this blog post -Episode #46  : Find A Joy To Be Me on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify 

You see, constant stress and tension will break even the MOST RESILIENT people. I believe I am resilient, but let me tell you, life took me down...

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