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Why You Should Float in a Tank of Salt

health minerals self care Feb 08, 2019

I can still remember the first time I heard about salt float tanks, from friend Julie. I couldn't comprehend the concept of getting into a giant dark tank of salt water and just lay still in there for more than an hour. That was back when I was in hustle mode and couldn't meditate for shit.

Now that I've learned the art of zen-like behaviors, such as that of actually being still (ish), I am ALL about self-care practices like floating. My sweetie and I enjoy going to our local float place for a date night now and then to just relax and let go of stress. And we always get THE BEST sleep those nights.

It's a bit of a learning curve for some folks to fully benefit. I've found the more I go the more I can fully relax, meditate and visualize. It's a powerful space for deeper healing and benefits a myriad of things.

If you have ever had the thought or feeling that you could just 'slip away' and float leisurely some where away from your daily life & grind... I'm pretty sure you should give floating a try. It's more realistic than escaping to a tropical island for most of us.

What Is Floating?

"Floating allows your mind to unplug, your body to heal, and gives way to finding inner balance. Everyone can benefit from giving their brain and body a rest from physical and mental stress. At it's core, that is what Flotation Therapy is - rest in it's purest form. And if you are willing to commit to a float practice, it can change your life." ~ Kelly McGinn (founder of Halycon Floats where I go to float)

Best of all, choosing to float is like choosing yourself and saying YOU matter. I love that it is 90 minutes distraction free from the outside world. How many of us really know what that even feels like in this modern day? It's one of the ultimate gifts of self-care you can give yourself.

Watch "Super Float Me - 30 Days of Floating Experience Documentary" on YouTube. It's interesting and I feel they could have included SO. MUCH. MORE, but it can open your mind to the possibilities floating has for you based on the experiences others share.

I asked Chad, from Halcyon Floats, where I go, to share a little bit about what floating is and he happily obliged in this video.

The Benefits Of Floating

Time to rest, let go, detox, chill, relax, meditate if you want to and so much more. You can read all the benefits HERE.

The last time I floated I felt at ease in my body in a way I can't explain - it's almost ethereal. I also had some visualizations or visions and felt a shift into a deep deep relaxation that is hard to experience any other way. It was profound.

I noticed my neck and shoulders are the areas of my body that have the hardest time relaxing and so I can pay more attention to how I support them. The day after I experienced some release of tension in both, as well as a lot of sinus pressure relief. That's just me though. I also fall asleep so nicely after a float. The day after I experience much more internal calm as well.

Newbie Float Tips

When you are floating be sure to lean your head all the way back until the water covers the top of your forehead. This allows for the best experience for your neck to fully relax, just trust me your head won't go under too far. Definitely do not touch your face during the float or you could risk getting salt water in your eyes (ask me how I know). Keep your eyes closed and breath slowly. Get really connected to the flow of your breath.

You can let go of all your thoughts of what you have to do or your worries/ stress and focus on what you want to think about.

You can use this as a time to meditate or just be really intentional about your thoughts and notice them without any other distractions.

Mindfulness and meditation can be whatever you need it to be, don't judge yourself when you float or force yourself to try to shut your mind off. Just let yourself BE however you need to be.

With practice and time, I've found it easier to float. To relax my body into the float with more ease. To shift my mind and give over to the stillness.

The same is true for when I meditate at home. I usually need music or a guided meditation, it's very hard for me otherwise. And that's ok, most people think meditation has to be total quiet, total stillness and totally letting your mind stop thinking. The truth is, meditation should be whatever you need it to be so you can calm your nervous system down

Start with that concept and practice so you can see how it feels for you. In part I had to get used to all the facets of floating before I could relax into it better. I needed to feel safe and comfortable with the process before it was easy for me to just slip into the ease of floating. It's all about letting go of what does not serve you.

Let go of tension. Let go of negative beliefs about your identity. Let go of fears/worries, breathe, relax and most of all just enjoy it!

Where You Can Float

If you are in the Philadelphia area, or Southeast PA there are 2 Halcyon Float locations. One in Roxborough and one in center city.

But there are also many sensory deprivation float places around the country and the world. You can find somewhere near you HERE.

Give floating a fair try, once isn't usually enough. My first time, I had a lot of anxiety about the experience and found a reason to get out twice. I also got salt in my eye and it was really hard mentally for me to adjust to it. BUT, afterwards I felt SO relaxed in a way I hadn't felt in a very very long time. That was a BIG clue to me to try again!

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Now, I would love to hear from you... have you ever floated before?  What was it like? Or if you haven't floated, do you think you'll ever try it?  Share in the comments below…

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