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What you need to know when taking magnesium makes you feel worse

Magnesium the miracle mineral could only possible have good intentions and affects, right? While magnesium is an imperative mineral good for human health, sometimes the body is not quite ready to receive it in the way we give it. 

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In this episode, I dig into what you need to consider if you've tried magnesium and it made you feel worse instead of better. Trust me, you're gonna love this episode. Buckle up because this episode is fueled by my firey side (and lots of LOVE)!

So many people come to the mineral banquet and just assume they can dive right in to their hearts content (metaphorically speaking), yet often times there is a lot going on in their system that could make it not go down so smoothly. 

I start the episode with a REFRAME we all need to hear whether we are dealing with magnesium backfiring or not. 

I also referenced plenty of past episodes I've done that could correlate with steps you may need to be taking or education about your body that you don't yet know or have yet. 

Bottom line: everything affects everything. No mineral acts as a god unto itself. No system works alone no nutrient works alone. Every single one of us has a lifetime of factors that can play a role in how we approach our nutrition. Even just getting magnesium implemented and tolerated properly. 

So, if you are feeling frustrated that magnesium isn't working right for you yet - do not give up and don't blame the magnesium. It's an invitation to go deeper. To learn more about your body and how it works. To seek the right path for YOU and you only! Your body is different than any other body on the planet, so it needs it's own approach. Even if there are blueprints, formulas and protocols out there -it doesn't always mean they will work seamlessly for you. 

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